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Everdure Appliances
Everdure Appliances

Everdure Appliance Troubleshooting

Everdure, a trusted Australian Brand since 1935, designed an innovative range of grills like no other, with a goal to revolutionize the grilling experience. In 2016, they collaborated with experimental, Michelin Star Chef, Heston Blumenthal and a new brand was born. The range includes charcoal and gas grills, a mobile preparation kitchen, knife range and accessories. All products are designed and engineered in Australia, with innovation at the heart of each design. The grills have won numerous International Design Awards since inception. Products are now available in USA, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Gas Grill Troubleshooting

The Tank  
Modern propane tanks, mandated by the government, contain an Over Fill Prevention (OPD) Device. This makes it so a propane tank cannot be overfilled. Rarely, the OPD on your propane tank can be damaged causing the tank to work incorrectly. 

Fuel Hose and Regulator  
The output of a propane tank or your natural gas line is much greater than you need for grilling. The regulator controls the amount of fuel that can flow to your grill. This attaches to the tank (or natural gas line) with a flexible hose with an O-ring to create an airtight seal. Regulators are preset by the manufacturer and should not be adjusted by you. If you look at your regulator you will notice a small vent hole in the center. Common problems are clogged vent holes, which can cause irregular fuel flow and can lead to trouble. Usually, you can clear it by tapping or blowing into the vent. Other problems are fuel leakage caused by a worn or damaged hose or O-ring. To determine if there is leaking mix dish soap and water in equal parts and coat everything from the tank to the control valves with the mixture and see if it produces any bubbles. The tank needs to be connected and on but the control valves off. If you find a leak, replace that part. 

Control Valves 
The controls valves regulate the flow of fuel to the burner. Each burner on your grill has a control valve. You cannot repair a bad control valve and if need be, you should replace the whole unit. Before you do, however, remove the control valve from your grill and inspect it. Like other parts of your grill, insects love to climb in here to nest. At the center of the control is the orifice. The orifice controls the flow of fuel and can become clogged. If it is, use a thin wire to clean out. Make sure you put it all back together the way you found it. Without the orifice, you cannot regulate the amount of gas flowing to the burner and run the risk of explosion. 

Venturi Tubes 
The venturi tubes connect the control valve to the burner(s) and mix the fuel with air to provide the flame. To do this, there is an open gap in the fuel line that can easily become obstructed. Insects, especially spiders, commonly nest here. The best solution for this is to wrap the venturi tubes with an aluminum screen that will not block the airflow but will keep the critters out. Many grills come with protected venturi tubes. Another common problem is a misalignment of the venturi tubes with the burner. Typically the venturi tubes are simply placed in the fuel line and can get knocked out of place. The venturi tubes have adjustable shutters and they may need an adjustment to regulate fuel flow. 

Burners come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Burners range from aluminized steel at the low-end to cast brass and stainless steel on the high end. Low-end burners will typically last about three years under normal circumstances. Because the burner is inside the grill, it tends to get coated in burnt grease and can corrode quickly. Inspect and clean your burner regularly to avoid problems. If the burner is damaged or too heavily corroded, you will need to replace it. Get the same size and shape of the burner but consider purchasing one of a better quality metal if possible. 

Barrier or Radiant 
In between the burner and the cooking grate is a barrier, also called a radiant. It is supposed to absorb and release heat evenly to the cooking surface. The barrier protects the burners from drippings and creates a place for grease to collect and burn off. It may be constructed of lava rocks, ceramic briquettes, or metal plates. These need to be replaced periodically as they become crusted with burnt grease and food; this can eventually create an unpleasant flavor on foods. Porous lava rocks tend to need replacement more often. Metal plates can typically be cleaned and used for a longer time. Inspect your barrier. If it is broken up, heavily coated, or simply not creating a sufficient barrier, consider replacing it.


Everdure Appliance Troubleshooting

Everdure appliance problems

Everdure appliance broken

Everdure appliance issue

Everdure appliance difficulty

Product Reviews:

This is pretty easy to put together, the outer box of this bbq when it was
This is pretty easy to put together, the outer box of this bbq when it was delivered was pretty destroyed but everything in it was packaged well so it came out in great condition. It took a little over an hour to assemble. The storage trays don't look like they are going to last the longest out in the elements but we put them on regardless. Our first BBQ on this, when we turned on the propane we couldn't really tell it was on because you don't really see the flame. But once we put the meat on the grill is began to sizzle and cook the meat. It cooked the meat really well and it is so easy to use! The grill plates are a bit more intricate than we are use to and a bit harder to clean. But we love all the space we have on the grill for all our meats and veggies with the three burners. This is a big and heavy grill, it says it can be converted to do tailgates by taking off the legs but the grill itself is really long and heavy. We put it together in the house and then transferred it outside to put the legs on and boy was it heavy so I wouldn't use it that way. It is going to stay in our backyard for bbqs.
Published: May 13, 2022

My original review is below the line but since receiving the replacement I
My original review is below the line but since receiving the replacement I was actually able to get the grill up and running! The assembly instructions are a drag but once you get the feet assembled you are off to the races. I do love this grill and have so much grill space. You have plenty of shelf space but not much side space (which is needed for a plate or occasional cutting board). I’ll be back on the longevity of the grill but so far so good!
Published: May 6, 2022

We purchases the grill and have had it for less than a week. We love the lo
We purchases the grill and have had it for less than a week. We love the look and the colors it comes in. However, the second time we used it the paint started to melt off. We chose the grill over all the others available and are so disappointed that this happened. What kind of quality is this? The cooking experience is great but fear to think of what the color will look like after a few more grills. And of course a logical question would be how safe is it for food cooking when the paint is melting off?
Published: May 5, 2019
James C.

Heats fast! Looks great. Grates are completely destroyed after less than a
Heats fast! Looks great. Grates are completely destroyed after less than a year. Manufacturer will not warranty. I will be spending $300 to replace if I want to keep using. Learning curve to discover the hot/cool spots. We grill about 4 days a week. And… The wheels are awful. The screws are rusting and need to be Changed to stainless. The propane tank strap is silly. And the handle sags and is wobbly. This grill could be awesome but the details aren’t perfect.
Published: August 16, 2021
Michelle Donn

I didn't like this product because they sent it with parts mixed up be
I didn't like this product because they sent it with parts mixed up between the Furnace and the Force so my grill grates are too small and I need to buy new ones from somewhere else now! This is the third time I've tried getting this grill!!
Published: August 4, 2021
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