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Fridge is leaking

Posted On: October 18, 2021
If you notice a puddle near your fridge and it's not from someone spilling something, then the issue could be coming from various areas in your fridge. A leaky fridge can not only cause slips and ...[More]

Refrigerator not defrosting

Posted On: September 12, 2021
Picture this, you open your fridge for a cold glass of milk, and you find ice building up. You start to notice it's running a lot harder than usual, and it's making a lot of noise. This could ...[More]

Can you customize a refrigerator?

Posted On: August 23, 2021
Fridges have changed since the invention of the electric refrigerator in 1913. Nowadays, these appliances come with all sorts of options, such as ice makers and water dispensers. And they come in diff...[More]

2021 Best Refrigerators By Customer Reviews

Posted On: August 1, 2021
Today we’re going to talk about Refrigerator Brands. There’s no doubt that the kitchen just wouldn’t be the same without a refrigerator. What else would keep your food from spoili...[More]

My Refrigerator Stopped Working

Posted On: July 5, 2021
It's one of every homeowners' worst scenarios. Their refrigerator suddenly stops working. A broken fridge is more than an inconvenience, and depending on how long it has stopped cooling, it ca...[More]

Common Issues With Refrigerators

Posted On: June 9, 2021
It's one of the essential appliances in your kitchen, the refrigerator. And like many appliances in your home, you may encounter some problems. The most common issues with refrigerators are temper...[More]

How to Remove Bad Refrigerator Smells?

Posted On: May 26, 2021
Is your refrigerator smelling funky? Leftover food that’s been sitting in there for too long is likely the culprit. It is important to take care of offensive refrigerator smells right away, or e...[More]

What is the Difference Between Integrated and Built-In Refrigerators?

Posted On: May 1, 2021
If you are looking to re-design or remodel your kitchen, you may be wondering which refrigerator is best for your home. We will discuss the differences between integrated and built-in refrigerators...[More]

Why is My Refrigerator Lightbulb Not Working?

Posted On: April 26, 2021
So you just open your refrigerator and noticed the light didn’t come on. However, you can still feel the cold temperature and hear the hum of your fridge. If your appliance is still working but ...[More]

Common Reasons Why My Fridge is Too Warm

Posted On: February 16, 2021
When your refrigerator is too warm, your food spoils a lot more quickly and bad smells are more likely to occur. Even when you turn down the fridge temperature, your fridge is STILL not cool enough. H...[More]

What Not to Put in the Refrigerator

Posted On: December 19, 2020
When returning home from the supermarket, storing your groceries in the refrigerator seems like the most obvious thing to do. However, that’s not always the best course of action. Is the refrige...[More]

How to Buy a Refrigerator

Posted On: November 21, 2020
Buying the right refrigerator is important. If you pick the wrong model, you’ll have to live with it for years, maybe even longer. Don’t worry, all you need to do is plan properly. Today w...[More]

Refrigerator Food Storage Hacks: How to Keep Food Fresh For Longer

Posted On: November 17, 2020
There’s nothing worse than throwing away perfectly good food, which could have been avoided if using proper storage techniques. Whether it be produce, dairy, or meat, there are some easy tricks ...[More]

What Happens When You Unplug Your Refrigerator?

Posted On: September 27, 2020
While many appliances can be unplugged without repercussions, unplugging your refrigerator is a different story. Compressors If you unplug, then immediately re plug your refrigerator back in, you ma...[More]

Stopping Cross-Contamination in the Refrigerator

Posted On: August 30, 2020
Storing your food properly is essential for food safety, especially if you’re in the restaurant business. Learn how you can prevent cross-contamination inside your refrigerator. What is Cross...[More]

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