washer repair and service

washer repair and service
washer repair and service

Are you looking for some washer repair and service. When you need washer service FAST, you can trust an Appliance Helper technician to arrive on time and provide you with professional, friendly, and quality service.

Whether you are interested in a new washer, require washer service, or simply want to sign up for routine maintenance, whenever you need our support, we are ready to serve you. We will help you when you are looking for some washer repair and service.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for some washer repair and service.
  • Knowledgeable, insured and licensed Technicians
  • Fully Organized with best experts
  • Reliable and Honest team
  • and so much more...

Give us a chance and use our washer repair and installation services. Call us today for help when you are looking for some washer repair and service.

Washer Mechanics install, maintain, and repair washer systems. As an washer technician, you may find a specialty in one sector, but you are not limited. washer mechanics are licensed to work in residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as needed.

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Product Reviews:

I have used this washer for 16yrs and have beat the holy you know what out of it and it still works perfectly. I have washed everything I own in that washer and it has never failed.. Football uniforms, sneakers, heavy comforters, pillows, rugs, greasy cloths from the garage, seat covers. You name it I have washed it...

Douglas of Piseco, NY

I'm so happy that I bought this washing machine. MY expectations have been met and maybe even exceeded. The machine is intuitive to use, cleans clothes beautifully and the noise level is quite low.

leia24 From undisclosed

Our 9yr old Miele washing machine developed a fault, would not power on, totally dead. I called Miele customer service and within 3 days their service engineer arrived and has replaced an electronic pcb board under the original 10yr warranty. Most machines would not even last this long, let alone have a service engineer repair it at no cost under warranty. I have to say how impressed I am with the impeccable quick Miele service received. I would absolutely recommend Miele

Graham Morss

Frigidaire front load about 18 years old. Still running great. Matching dryer is the same. This machine has been moved twice with no problem. It fits in the small space that I am having a problem finding a new one to fit. I would like a machine I could clean the drain easily.

Janet of Redding, CA

I've only had this for a little less than a month, but it works great so far. The controls are easy to figure out and customize to a load. I'm not sure why the machine has a default setting of warm, but I've only forgotten to change it once. No leaks, as some others mentioned. Hold a lot, more than my dryer, as I had a 3.5 c.f. before. Does not make a great deal of noise, and I like the auto adjust because that seems to balance every load. All clothes have come out clean, so the auto sense works well. I did have two blankets in the other night and set it to bulky. I think it took about 1.5 hours which was surprisingly long. I don't think other brands nowadays are any quicker though. I did buy the extended warranty because some of the reviews scared me, and you never know!


Great for its size! This is a great compact washing machine for small spaces. Gets the job done and doesn’t make so much noise that it shakes the room!


Tight fit but we made it work in our 2005 Winnebago Journey 39K


I got this washer as an open-box deal at a killer price. Note that it requires 240V, so unless you buy the matching dryer, you need to either have an electrician run a 240V outlet to your laundry room or convert your existing 120V outlet to a 240V, which is only possible if it's a dedicated only outlet on the circuit. If it is though, and you feel confident enough to do some basic electric work in the breaker box, the cost for this is $5 for the outlet and face plate and $10 for the double pole breaker and it takes less than 30 minutes (see picture). This washer is extremely quiet, both during wash cycles and when spinning. Compared to the Samsung HE front loader that it replaced, it is much quicker and the clothes come out MUCH MUCH cleaner, especially whites, and without using any bleach or Borax. It also has a higher spin speed than the Samsung, which means the clothes come out dryer and you're saving time and money on drying. Overall, I cannot believe that I put up with the Samsung for as long as I did.


I normally don't spend time doing reviews but the washing machine thing became a very sore topic around our house. We used Consumer Reports to guide us (normally they have been good to us in the past) and purchased an expensive, highly recommended, water and energy efficient machine. Within a few months all our towels and cotton clothing were smelling like mold. We tried cleaning with clorox, vinegar, and a number of other tricks. It got so bad, we gave the machine away after a year. We replaced with another fancy, recommended, high efficiency machine. After another year of suffering with the same problem we also got rid of that machine. We went online and saw that many other people were having the same problem, and there are now class action suits against the manufacturers of those machines. Which brings us to this inexpensive, ugly little white box of a washing machine. It is so simple to use, it makes me laugh--it's like the machine my mom used when I was a kid. It won't sing a nifty tune when the clothes are done, and it doesn't have any USB ports or a cappucino maker. But our clothes finally smell clean and fresh. It has worked great for us for the past three months, and we do several loads a day. Saving water and electricity is great, but you know what's even better? Clothes that don't stink the second you put them on! Buyer beware on those fancy chrome machines.

Vincent J. Vilasi

I really like my Speed Queen. I had a new LG front loader before. My clothes just kept getting dingier and dingier. But when I switched to speed Queen they were so much cleaner. It has all the settings you could want. From gentle cycle to permanent press to regular. You just can't beat the good old agitator.

Linda of Huntsville, AR

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