water heater unit service cost

water heater unit service cost
water heater unit service cost

Are you looking for a water heater unit service cost. Get end to end water heater services from a simple repair or a new water heater installation. Our technicians are able to repair or install your water heater in a quick and cost effective manor.

Whether you are interested in a new water heater, require water heater service, or simply want to sign up for routine maintenance, whenever you need our support, we are ready to serve you. We will help you when you are looking for a water heater unit service cost.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for a water heater unit service cost.
  • On time for scheduled appointments
  • Thorough in our work and show craftsmanship every time
  • Well groomed and clean appearance
  • Honest
  • Respectful to you and your home
  • Competitively priced

Give us a chance and use our water heater repair and installation services. Call us today for help when you are looking for a water heater unit service cost.

Water Heater Mechanics install, maintain, and repair water heater systems. As an Water Heater technician, you may find a specialty in one sector, but you are not limited. Water Heater mechanics are licensed to work in residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as needed.

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Product Reviews:

I installed this myself 16 years ago. For most of that time there have been 2 people living here, but the house has a possible 5 bedrooms, which is why I got an oversize water heater (and, I am sure, because it was on sale). We have somewhat hard unconditioned well water and I drain some water from the bottom every couple of years, but have seen no sediment.

John of Princeton, NJ

Had water heater installed in 2012 and it has performed with excellence. Model #BFG6140T403NOV never had any issues. We are looking for a water heater for our farmhouse now and plan on getting one from this company.

L of Meade, KS

Hello. I have a A. O. Smith 50 Gal Gas Water Heater. I personally installed it in 1990. The only thing that I had to do is replace the thermocouple once. It has never leaked or had any other problems. This is probably unheard of but true. 27 years and still no problems. I am going to replace it soon only because of its age. True story. I don't know if the new A.O. Smith Water Heaters are as good as the one I have, but I will buy another of the same.

Dennis of Michigan City, IN

I call them. Lowe's gave me #. Spoke to man there at CS. He took care of me. I was a Lowe's within 30 mins. Gave them PO. Home within 45 mins. Whirlpool you the best in Johnson city TN. You're just like Lowe's. I pay for Whirlpool because you make it. Thanks for all you do. The best. #1.

Robin of Cullman, AL

Super please with this purchase. Been using it 6 months now, supplies our bathroom shower and kitchen sink. We take a shower with it no problem, however if my wife turns on kitchen sink hot water, temp drops substantially in the shower. This small units can really only handle one demand at a time... which is fine for us. We live simple, 600 sqft house. Here's the only tricky thing about it, and it's just a limitation of the size of the unit: the bath-tub water flow is too much to heat the water sufficiently, so I had to manually close my hot water valve to the bathtub about half way. This slows the flow of the water through the water heating unit and allows it to get hot enough to be good for bath temperature. So the bath tub takes a while to fill. Not a big deal for us. I did a lot of reading on different units and this one seemed to have the best reviews. Even if this unit died in a couple years, I would buy it again and re-install a new one.

Benjamin Aho

Our water heater is 5 years old and has a issue with the airflow turning the pilot light out. I called the 1-800 number and customer service was very helpful, helped get my pilot light back on, and even had me send in photos of the unit to fix any issues to keep this from happening again. It can be rough taking cold showers but thankfully this company helped us not have to do that.

Tyler of San Diego, CA

Great product bought this for my rental property and it’s very efficient and tenant is very happy with the product Would recommend it


I have be renting my Rheem PV 50-Gal water heater from Direct Energy for 13 years. My last bill still paying $25.99 plus tax or a total of $29.37 a month. I decided to buy and install a new GSW B5531 PV 50-Gal from Lowe's. They (Peter and Jeff) installed the new water heater within one week. The new water heater has more insulation, more quiet, more energy save, more easier to manage. The money I paid will be break even within 3 years. I also bough the protect plan to extend the warranty to 6 years of labor and 6 years of parts for only $19.97 plus tax, this will give me a break for the next 6 years. I am happy about the product.

lot-man wong

I purchased this over a year ago but I just got around to installing it. I installed it in my basement. I put a 10" extension directly above it, a 45 degree elbow, and 11' of extensions to get it out beyond my deck. It seems to be running fine. I put a small slope on the extension to allow the condensation to run out instead of back into the unit. So I didn't put an condensation system on the side pipe. So far it's working great. It does take a little while to reach equilibrium but this isn't my first On-Demand hot water heater and this was expected. I keep it set at 120 F but I doubt that's what's coming out of the faucets. I'm not sure why that is but it's hot enough and the flow is pretty good so I'm not complaining. Now I'm just waiting for my first whole electric bill to see how much savings I'll get from getting rid of my electric hot water heater.

Good HWH

All Navien water heaters receive very high ratings from consumers. In fact, they are among the highest rated from any water heater manufacturer. Some of the characteristics that are mentioned time and again in reviews include the easy installation, energy savings, solid construction (that is easy to maintain), and small size. Consumers also appreciate that hot water arrives to their faucet in just a few seconds or less and that most models run relatively quietly for gas water heaters. The only complaint about Navien water heaters you’ll find is that they are quite expensive, with an average price of around $1,200. This puts the heaters at the high end of the cost scale. However, with their longer lifespan, greater efficiency (which ultimately leads to cost savings), and top-of-the-range technology, many consumers agree that these heaters are a worthwhile investment.

David Trinh

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