Daikin Furnace Repairs
Daikin Furnace Repairs

Daikin Furnace Repairs

If you're looking for help fixing your Daikin Furnace, look no further! Our comprehensive Daikin Furnace repair guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and maybe show you how to repair your appliance.

Daikin manufactures appliances that homeowners have come to trust. Even a trustworthy appliance requires occasional maintenance or repair, however. If you’re in need of Daikin appliance repair from experienced professionals, your local Appliance Helper can help.

The Furnace Won’t Start 
If nothing happens when the thermostat is set above the home’s current temperature, the most likely causes are these: 
The furnace switch (located on or near the furnace, looks like a common light switch) is turned off and simply needs to be turned on, though the furnace might have a short delay before starting 
The circuit breaker is off, and if the circuit continues to trip after it is turned back on, there is likely a wiring short in the furnace 
The thermostat isn’t set to “heat,” which is easy to check and remedy 
The thermostat isn’t working, and this is sometimes caused by a wire coming loose, so check the wiring connections 
The thermostat needs fresh batteries, if battery-powered, or it is bad and must be replaced, an issue that can be diagnosed using an electrical multimeter that shows if a circuit is complete 
The filter is dirty and must be replaced or cleaned, an issue that is especially true on newer furnaces that are equipped to shut down if the filter isn’t allowing adequate air flow, a condition that can cause serious mechanical failure 
The furnace’s main circuit board/control board is bad, an issue that can be diagnosed by an HVAC technician is nothing else solves the issue 

Furnace Blowing Cold Air 
If the furnace won’t produce heat, you can check to see if it is getting power by moving the fan switch from the “Auto” position to the “On” position. If the fan comes on, then the furnace is getting power. The likely issues then are: 
The gas is turned off, so check the gas cock near the furnace to make sure it is parallel to the gas line, its position when the 
The gas control valve isn’t opening and must be replaced 
The ignitor is failing and must be replaced 
The draft motor isn’t functioning or the fresh-air intake is blocked, perhaps by snow or debris, and needs to be cleared 

The Draft Motor Runs, Furnace Won’t Start 
The draft motor is also called the inducer motor. It pulls hot combustion gases through the furnace and out the exhaust stack. If it starts and then the furnace shuts down, the cause might be: 
The motor or the board that controls it has failed and must be replaced 
A blocked air intake or blocked exhaust chimney (snow, debris and bird’s nests are common causes) must be cleared 
One of the issues discussed above with gas, gas valve and ignitor must be addressed 

The Flame Starts, but the Furnace Shuts Down 
If the burner starts making heat but soon shuts off without warming your home, the flame sensor isn’t working. If the sensor has corrosion on it, sanding it might work, though replacing it is a longer-lasting fix. 

The Blower Won’t Shut Off 
If the blower motor runs all the time, there are three common issues: 
The fan switch on the thermostat is set to “on” rather than “auto” 
Relays in the control board are stuck in the closed position, so the blower is getting a constant supply of electricity, and the control board must be replaced 
The thermostat also has contacts that control power to the furnace, and they can be worn, so the thermostat must be replaced. 

Why Does the Furnace Keep Shutting Off 
If your furnace burner lights but the furnace soon shuts off, there are a few common issues that might cause this: 
The furnace filter is dirty and should be cleaned or replaced 
The flame sensor isn’t working and should be replaced 
The thermostat is failing 
While these are common, there are several other potential causes best diagnosed by a furnace technician. This video gives in-depth coverage to the problem of furnace short-cycling. 

The Furnace Runs but Can’t Keep the House Warm 
If your furnace is properly sized for your home, then it should keep your home warm even in extreme cold. If it runs constantly but isn’t providing enough heat, the likely causes are: 
A dirty filter that must be washed (only if the washable type) or replaced 
The filter is the wrong type for your furnace and restricts airflow, so should be replaced 
The filter is installed backwards, an issue that can be checked by looking for the arrows on the filter frame that show proper installation direction with the flow of air 

The Furnace Makes Loud Noises 
A noisy furnace is most often the result of: 
The furnace being a single-stage model that runs on high capacity all the time, so it’s going to be loud 
A bad bearing in the draft motor or the blower motor that must be replaced 
A leak in the furnace cabinet, sheet metal plenum or ductwork near the furnace that must be tightened 
A dirty filter, which can also cause whistling 

The Air Coming from the Furnace Smells Bad 
Foul odors from the furnace are usually caused by: 
A very dirty filter that should be washed, if washable, or replaced 
A dead rodent or bird somewhere in the system, usually a job for a professional furnace technician 

The CO Monitor Going Off 
A carbon monoxide alarm should be taken seriously. Turn the furnace off at the thermostat. Don’t go into the room where the furnace is located. Open doors and windows, and go outside. Call 911 from a cell phone outside your home.

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Product Reviews:

The furnace and air conditioner are great. However, the thermostat is prett
The furnace and air conditioner are great. However, the thermostat is pretty complicated to make changes. I did not find useful information on the web to help me through the process of changing high and low temperature and setting the schedule.
Published: October 16, 2020
RichieH Salem, Or
Source: daikincomfort.com

I purchased my home in 2016 and it was built in 1977. This home is ~2,600 s
I purchased my home in 2016 and it was built in 1977. This home is ~2,600 sq.ft. and has an unfinished basement. The HVAC system was very dated, and the furnace was likely the original. Using Legacy Heating and Air, Inc., a new full system install was done. The components used are all Daikin (aside from a water heater also replaced), and are the following: DM97MC1005CN (Furnace), DX17VSS421AA (A/C), CAPE4860C4 (Coil), DTST-CWBSA-NI-A (Thermostat). I could immediately feel the difference. There were rooms in the house that weren't getting much or any air adjustments because the old system was simply not a great fit for the house and inefficient. With the current system, I can now cool or heat the house evenly several degrees within minutes. The new thermostat is very slick, and easy to control. I haven't seen the new cost for energy consumption (not billed using new system yet), but from what I can tell is it's going to be a nice difference. Everything is incredibly quiet and I'm very pleased with this investment.
Published: October 5, 2020
pvroberts Granger, IN
Source: daikincomfort.com

My old furnace needed replacing and I struggle with the decision to spend a
My old furnace needed replacing and I struggle with the decision to spend a little more for a modulating furnace. I finally choose a DM97MC furnace with a Daikin One thermostat. I am very impressed how quiet the system is. I can’t even hear then it runs. And, now my house is more balanced even with no swings in temperature. Very impressive.
Published: October 1, 2020
Springer Toronto, Ontario
Source: daikincomfort.com

I just recently had the new Daikin furnace installed into our home and so f
I just recently had the new Daikin furnace installed into our home and so far I'm very impressed with both it's energy efficiency as well as it's overall quiet operation. This new unit also has a much smaller footprint than the unit it's replacing, which in turn takes up less valuable space in our utility room. I'm very pleased with making this purchase.
Published: September 15, 2020
scorey55 Belleville, Ontario Canada
Source: daikincomfort.com

We purchased a new furnace and central air unit. The house seems much more
We purchased a new furnace and central air unit. The house seems much more cooler with so much less effort. The air condition unit outside is so quiet you can hardly hear it running. We haven’t how do use the furnace yet but I’m sure it will be just as effective. We are extremely happy with both of our set ups and Applegate cooling and heating did an amazing job installing them. The warranty coverage that comes with the system is absolutely amazing along with all the rebates.
Published: August 15, 2020
Js2de Central Michigan
Source: daikincomfort.com

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