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General Motors Accesorios
General Motors Accesorios

General Motors Accesorios

General Motors Company es una multinacional estadounidense de fabricación de automóviles con sede en Detroit, Michigan, Estados Unidos. Fue fundada por William C. Durant el 16 de septiembre de 1908, como sociedad controladora, y la actual entidad se constituyó en 2009 tras su reestructuración.


General Motors Accesorios

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GMC Terrain - Other family members had this model car and I was impressed w
GMC Terrain - Other family members had this model car and I was impressed with the smooth ride. They seemed happy with the performance so when I was ready to trade cars this is the model that I searched for. Great looking car, gets good gas mileage. Have had no mechanical problems at all. Transports five comfortably with plenty of cargo room. Great all-around vehicle and continually receive compliments on how attractive the car is. But I have had trouble with the WiFi and phone charger outlet. Not sure if it is only with my vehicle but have tried to get it fixed and was told I would have to take it to the manufacturers dealership. I havent done that because it was quite a bit of trouble and I didnt purchase it there. Also, since purchasing the car I have had some physical problems with my shoulders and lifting the back cargo door is a little difficult because it is so heavy. I am thinking about trading for a slightly smaller car that would be easier for me to handle.
Publicado: June 27, 2018
Ava of Owensboro, KY
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

Contacted Smail GMC in Greensburg, PA. to have gooseneck hitch installed on
Contacted Smail GMC in Greensburg, PA. to have gooseneck hitch installed on my wifes brand-new GMC 3500hd she purchased from Laura GMC, and Smail GMC would only install hitch if we purchased truck from them. Little frustrating, we have supported General Motors and are children of a GM manufacturing family.
Publicado: November 17, 2016
eron of Seward, PA
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

Poor engineering, not good in winter. The air intake on the hood is stupid.
Poor engineering, not good in winter. The air intake on the hood is stupid. The snow will come in and will ice up the air filter. Happened to me on a trip to MN. Also in the winter with idling or short trips the exhaust filter will plug up. Had to take it to dealer also $150. $60,000 for a truck in the summer. Chevy was no help.
Publicado: August 11, 2019
H of Valentine, NE
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

The following is a list or reasons why I feel General Motors needs to bear
The following is a list or reasons why I feel General Motors needs to bear the expense incurred in this situation, the failure of the turbocharger cooling tube. 1. The part which failed was not available at the Flagstaff dealership and was only available from the parts warehouse in Reno Nevada. 2. We offered several times to pay the expense to expedited the shipping of the part to the Flagstaff dealership from the GM parts warehouse in Reno by air, FedEx, Purolator or DHL. The Flagstaff dealer and GM turned us down both times. 3. GM’s inability to track the part from the GM parts warehouse in Reno and were not able to give us a clear delivery date. The part did not arrive until 13 days after it was ordered. Had we known the part would be in Flagstaff on a specific date we would have stayed in Flagstaff until the part arrived and the truck was fixed. As it was the dealership could not tell us when it would be there.4. This vehicle is under full warranty and only has 13890 kms.Here is a summary of events leading up to these excessive expenses. On March 17 this year, my wife and I were driving home back to Canada from Phoenix, Arizona. We were 20 miles south of Page, Arizona when the charger cooler tube on the turbo unit failed. We called AAA and had the truck and our trailer towed back to the nearest GM dealership, which was in Flagstaff.We met with the Service Advisor the next day, Wednesday March 18, and by 11 am the part was found at the GM parts depot in Reno Nevada and would be at the Flagstaff dealership 6 days later on Monday March 23. Because we were concerned the Canada/US border was closing, and with the excessive amount of time it was going to take to ship the part to the dealer, we offered several times to pay for the expense to expedited the shipping of the part to the Flagstaff dealership from the GM parts warehouse in Reno by air, FedEx, Purolator or DHL. The Flagstaff dealer and GM turned us down both times.Please note Reno is just over 700 miles (1132 kms) from Flagstaff. The parts did not arrive on Monday March 23. We met again with the Service Manager on Monday but were told the parts had not arrived and would arrive Wednesday March 25. Wednesday March 25 the parts did not arrive. The Flagstaff dealership said the parts were somewhere between Reno and Flagstaff and that GM did not have the ability to track any parts. They said the parts may arrive Monday March 30. At this point we decided to rent a truck ($2000 US) and tow our trailer back to Canada. Again both the US and Canadian Governments were threatening to close the borders. We left Thursday morning March 26 after stopping by the dealership one last time to see if the parts had arrived. The part still had not arrived.The parts finally arrived Monday March 30, 13 days after the parts were ordered and the truck repaired Tuesday March 31. Because the border between Canada and US now remains closed, the only way I could get the truck back was to have it shipped back into Canada is by a commercial transport company. The Flagstaff dealership said GM might offer to pay for the transport of the truck between Flagstaff and Great Falls Montana. I offered to pay for the remaining transport between Great Falls and Calgary. Again GM declined.Also why is it that only Cadillacs quality for a free 800 mile/km tow while other GM vehicles don’t? My total bill to transport the truck from the Flagstaff dealership to Lethbridge Canada was $1350 US, ($1995 Can). Cole International’s charges for inter-border documents was $150 Can. So I have spent over $5000 Canadian on a part that maybe worth $100 all because GM didn’t have the required part at the dealership, could not track the part from their warehouse in Reno and give us a clear delivery date, and would not let us pay to have the part fast-tracked from the warehouse in Reno to the dealership in Flagstaff. I finally picked up my truck today May 11, 2020 from the Davis GMC dealership in Lethbridge. I haven’t heard back from GM Customer Service Canada since I sent in all of my expenses at the end of May and I don’t expect to hear back from them.
Publicado: July 13, 2020
Guido of Calgary, AB
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

Where do I begin? GM Canada is a joke. I bought a 2019 GMC elevation blacke
Where do I begin? GM Canada is a joke. I bought a 2019 GMC elevation blacked out edition in summer of 2019 and the first 500 km the tailgate started falling on me for no reason so I went to Prouse Motors in Sault Ontario to get warranty for the tailgate. They got ahold of gm Canada and they told them they will not fix the tailgate BC there was no known issues with them yet (forgot to mention I had my utility trailer on the back and the jack stand scratched and dented the ** outta the tailgate) so basically they said I was ** and the only way I would get a new tailgate is if it drops when someone from prouse motors was driving it. What a joke right?So after 4 times they had my truck it finally dropped. Took close to 5 months to get a new tailgate after that and Ive been back 3 times because of the paint job on it and tailgate being loose. While all that crap was going on I started to have transmission problems and its been to the dealer many many times and still to this very day its still not fixed. Then at 4000 km the steering column locked up on me and they had to put a new column in and the speakers on the passenger side of the truck went all ** on me. Ive either called or been to the dealership every week since I own this truck this truck has been nothing but a nightmare. I tried to plead my case and to get gm to buy the truck off me and put me in something else BC the truck is a LEMON. The only thing they would do is give me 2000$ towards a trade in so they expect me to lose my ** on the trade in and Pay more monthly for a plain Jane p.o.s I never in my life had such piss poor service than gm and the dealer. I will NEVER in my lifetime own another gm product. I will go buy a Ford or a Dodge before Ill even think about gm piss poor trucks... Before you buy a truck from gm I recommend take the time and read all the review. The only review I noticed that have 5 stars is the people who only owned the truck for couple weeks to a month. Steer away from GMC or Chevy. Dont make the same mistake I did. One pissed off GMC truck owner
Publicado: February 7, 2020
Dustin of Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

It has been 3 months since GM has classified our truck as a lemon, and stil
It has been 3 months since GM has classified our truck as a lemon, and still do not have a replacement truck. After complying with documents 3 times to Henry and getting little to no help we were turned over to Sean who has only been slightly better. If you ask to speak to his supervisor first he will then call you back, then today being told by Sean that he contacted the Dealership about ordering us a new truck, then checking with that dealership and being read the emails from Sean this was not the case. I was told that we had to find a like truck and send the VIN # which I have but the truck is sold by the time Sean gets around to replying to the emails I send. This whole experience has caused extreme hardship as I need the truck to tow our trailer to Houston for my Husbands cancer treatments and it has been a financial burden driving and paying for Hotels as well as compromising my Husbands health by staying in Hotels, etc. All we want is a truck to replace the Lemon Truck we have so I can keep my Husband safe in our own trailer.
Publicado: November 25, 2020
Susan of Pinon Hills, CA
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

I own a 2012 Chevy Equinox (52000 miles) that I purchased from my Chevy dea
I own a 2012 Chevy Equinox (52000 miles) that I purchased from my Chevy dealership. The key fab holds the brass key in pot metal and it broke last year. That key was replaced under warranty. Saturday, the key I got to replace that key broke in the same manner. (25,000 miles later) Saturday, I brought the key in and was told I need to talk with the Service Manager. I explained the problem to the Service Manager and he offered me a new key at a discount. If I had something to do with the key breaking, I would be fine with the offer. Plus, there is no guarantee that the same issue will not happen to the new key. I do not want to be purchasing a new key every so often because of poor design. I was only 2,000 miles out of warranty and they would not replace a recurring issue.I wrote the president of the dealership and she said sorry but would not do anything. My steering wheel has also worn away and I had to put a cover on it. Poor quality. I own a VW TDI which I will be trading in sometime in November. Today was a true test of your customer service. I planned on purchasing a ton crew cab truck to replace the VW. After this experience I do not plan on considering your dealership at this point. I also plan on taking my business elsewhere for service.
Publicado: August 26, 2016
John of Camp Hill, PA
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a new 2020 3500 Duramax crew cab and got 1200 miles on it, fan cam
I bought a new 2020 3500 Duramax crew cab and got 1200 miles on it, fan came apart. It is now 6/4 and its been in the shop since 5/10 and still havent talked to a senior advisor. Made a lot of calls, and nothing. I am very disappointed in the way GM has handled this situation. It is not good when a person has to make thier first payment without being able to use the truck they bought. I have been a GM guy as long as Ive been driving and Ill tell you that if I was treated this way years ago I would be driving something else. I am tired of waiting for a human to contact me to try to get help on this so I will contact the dealer and see if the store manager has any options or if I need to go to the Dodge dealer a mile from them and see if they may have better customer service. My dealer told me that they have not had this fan issue yet but I have talked to other Chevy dealers and I am not the only one to go through this. I am only writing this review because GM has multiple records of me calling and requesting information and they just dont care. Good luck to anyone that have to deal with their senior advisors.
Publicado: June 5, 2020
Thomas of Penrose, CO
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

This has been going on for years (back to 07) with Sierra, Escalade, Tahoe.
This has been going on for years (back to 07) with Sierra, Escalade, Tahoe. Electrical problems (techs call it gremlins) that cause door locks to go up and down, gauges to go crazy, trans downshifting, StabiliTrak, left day time running light will be out (every 2007-2018 GM truck has a DTRL out on one side) because of a bad ground. Dealers say its battery cables or ECU programming. It is a faulty wiring harness and ground connections. Remember the faulty (death) ignition? Nope. It just happened and has already disappeared. GM trucks are garbage. I know, I had three and now am down to two. I also have a Ford (great truck no problems), and Infinity 5.6V8 (which is Nissan - 2000% better truck than any of my GMs). The only decent GM truck out of 20 GM trucks Ive owned over the last 20 years has been the 3500 Dually 7.4L gas (remove CC and replace with performance RV exhaust). I have to strip grounds on my Escalade every other week just to keep it from shutting off. The ground strap from block to firewall near the power brake booster was green and falling apart. Im in FL, with no salt or corrosion. These trucks are slapped together with the lowest bidder supplying the parts. With the way Nissan and Toyota are coming on with the full size (and diesels) I cant see GM having any future in the truck business. They need to stick with competing against Tesla with their Volt (which is twice the car as a Model 3 - and Im an Elon fan). Dodge is coming on REAL strong with their interior. Never thought Id look at a Dodge product until I saw their new RAM products. But GM... as soon as the rest of my GM fleet are done, Ill never buy another GM truck. Nope. They took the bailout. Ford didnt. They have problems and deny them. Other companies admit, fix, pay fine, fire people, and move on (Volkswagen and others). But not GM. Its the old school Detroit thinking... deny deny deny. Thats why they are losing market share and their stock is garbage like their trucks. Ick, I cant wait to get rid of all mine.
Publicado: August 17, 2018
RedStar of Winter, FL
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

My 2016 Silverado 2500HD has been recalled for the airbag issue. I brought
My 2016 Silverado 2500HD has been recalled for the airbag issue. I brought it to my local Chevy dealer on November 18. I am STILL without my vehicle! The SM module froze when they attempted the reprogram on 11/18 and told me they needed to order a new module. The module was on backorder and they received in Wednesday 11/23. Unable to program it, they are still waiting for the GM Field Service Engineer to write the program for the new module specific to my truck. I have been given no expected date for completion and also have had to follow up daily myself with the dealer to get updates. Each update has been the same response... we are waiting for the engineer to write the program and do not know when it will be done. This is a recall and since my truck happens to be in the 1% that are an actual problem it should be made a priority to be corrected and returned to me. It has been just about 14 days now without my truck and without a resolution date in sight. I feel helpless. I have tried contacting the GM Customer Assistance line and they have been of no use.
Publicado: December 1, 2016
Jane of West Nyack, NY
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Complaint against (Liberty): this dealer is sucking my blood since four mon
Complaint against (Liberty): this dealer is sucking my blood since four months I am paying almost $10,000 and my car is still not repaired. Every time they ask me to bring the car and they keep it for 2 or 3 weeks and I have to pay thousands of dollars and after I use the car for maximum three days all the problems bounce back into my face. It is not only that, the problems are getting more dangerous at the level that I cant take my kids with me in this car because of safety issues! I have trusted GM all my life but now I will never think about this company again and promise you that everyone I know has a full idea about what I am suffering. I am frustrated to the level that I want to put my car next to your show room with the billing history of the maintenance to show all the people that your company is not considering us as people and that our safety and our familys safety has never been considered by you. I will use all my contacts to tell everyone how I am suffering from your company using TV Radio and newspapers.
Publicado: February 14, 2012
Ebrahim of 826, OTHER
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I purchased a 2011 GMC Yukon with 82K miles from Carmax. I paid $29K for th
I purchased a 2011 GMC Yukon with 82K miles from Carmax. I paid $29K for this vehicle. This had the 5.3L engine & 4WD which is needed here in MI. At 125K miles the transmission gave out - no prolonged degradation, just failure over 1-2 days. I purchased a remanufactured transmission costing $3K (including installation). Adding more injury, GM charged me $200 to flash the transmission. Then at 140K miles, StabiliTrak and Traction Control codes appear along with the check engine light. The engine started running rough at idle with slightly reduced gas mileage. I changed the plugs, plug wires and coil to no avail. Analytics would show random misfire for cylinder 8. Compression check showed the cylinder was 60 psi low. Leak-down test showed the problem was either the camshaft or a lifter, meaning engine replacement. Ive taken good care of this vehicle with regular service and am extremely disappointed I couldnt get more mileage out of the engine. BTW, this is the 2nd GMC where both the engine and transmission had to be replaced at similar mileage (a 1985 GMC Jimmy). GMC is not the Professional Grade they claim to be, but the opposite. I will never purchase another GMC vehicle.
Publicado: February 11, 2018
Greg of Hart, MI
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

I have a 2012 Buick Enclave. It is well maintained. Out of the blue a few w
I have a 2012 Buick Enclave. It is well maintained. Out of the blue a few weeks ago the trunk slammed on my head when I was taking items out of it. It didnt stop when it hit me. Just slammed down. I contacted GM knowing that there was a recall on this part before. I also saw that there were several class action lawsuits out so I assumed they would be good to help me. I sent them photos and videos, etc. It is a danger and I cannot use my trunk without someone holding it open. Even when you do it can push down against you so you have to jump out of the way. They refuse to fix it or even have the car inspected. Horrible customer service and terribly rude. Stay far far away from this company and these cars. If this had landed on one of my kids it would have caused serious damage.
Publicado: July 20, 2018
Sarann of Westfield, NJ
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

I have been waiting for my car to be repaired for 13 weeks (Since October).
I have been waiting for my car to be repaired for 13 weeks (Since October). The company still has NO CLUE when the parts will be made or shipped. They did not provide a vehicle to use or ANY LEVEL of actual helpful information. They answer off a script in vague.. were doing everything we can BS. So if you dont mind waiting 3 or 4 months to have a working car, by all means, buy GM...
Publicado: January 23, 2020
Shauna of Pflugerville, TX
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

I have bought 2 Chevy Cobalts and I will never buy another one in my life.
I have bought 2 Chevy Cobalts and I will never buy another one in my life. First one I bought was about 3 years ago. I was on my way back from GA and a semi hit me and I spun out on the highway and totaled my car. Well my airbags did not deploy. No big deal. No one was hurt. I called Chevy to let them know that the airbags did not deploy. I heard nothing back from them. I bought my 2nd Chevy Cobalt in May. I let my niece drive my car and she pulled out in front of a car going 50 mph. Car spun out hit another car. GUESS WHAT. The airbags did not deploy... Everyone that was in the car was treated at the hospital. Called Chevy and reported it. LOL. Guess what they said the airbags will only deploy if they are hit head on. WOW really. So because the car was hit on the side and the back of the car, the airbags did not deploy. Getting hit at 50 mph should have deployed the airbag. But my claim DENIED because they were not hit head on. Thank God that they were not hit head on because I probably would not have my niece, son, nephew or grandbaby. I will NEVER buy a Chevy nor will any of my friend and family. What a joke this company is.
Publicado: August 29, 2017
Jennifer of South Daytona, FL
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

In May 2019 my son purchased a New 2019 1500 Silverado Trail Boss. He gradu
In May 2019 my son purchased a New 2019 1500 Silverado Trail Boss. He graduated college, got a great job and needed a pickup. He actually purchased the truck 1 month before he graduated because of Chevy Truck Month. Last month we noticed that light passed through the bed of the truck into the wheel well. Looking into the wheel well we saw a 3 split in the wheel well that went through the bed liner. We took it to the dealership and they suggested a patch to weld the steel of the truck and a patch for the factory bedliner because General Motors will not do anything else under warranty. A 6 month old Truck with 8,000 miles that he paid $48k has a defect and General Motors will patch it. Patch the wheel well, the bed and the bedliner?I called General Motors after a complaint/claim was filed and spoke to, a Senior Advisor of Customer assistance. She claimed even though they came to that resolution they have no idea how the body shop is going to fix it, they dont know how or even if they are going to fix the bed liner. I was told nobody at customer service knows anything about the construction of the vehicle because they do not have the technical training for that. I asked to give me to someone who did have that technical training to answer my questions regarding the bed material, the patch if its a weld, etc and I was told there is no one that could help me. I was also told there was no management above the Senior Advisor, my response was you dont have a boss to which she replied, yes I have a boss so I asked to speak with him/her and apparently her boss, the head of the customer assistance branch of General Motors does not talk to customers.The Senior Advisor said GM only will replace the bed if it has multiple defects. When I said It is going to look like it has been patched and then this was the last straw she actually said Well, like I told your son if it doesnt look good, he could replace the truck bed and pay for it on his own. THE TRUCK WAS $48,000, IT IS 6 MONTHS OLD, HAS 8,000 MILES AND GM SUGGESTS THE CUSTOMER SHOULD PAY FOR A REPLACEMENT OF A GENERAL MOTORS DEFECT?? At the end of the conversation GMs final resolution was a patch and that the work would be under warranty for 12 month and if it didnt look like new the customer could pay for the replacement. My questions are: 1. What about the bed and wheel well that have be exposed to rain since it was manufactured will there be corrosion? 2. What about the fact that he now has a less than Excellent Carfax report showing body work making the car less valuable to sell or trade in? 3. What about he has a patched bedliner and sheet steel weld patch on a New truck? Are they going to cover any problems stemming from this fix?4. Why would it ever be acceptable for your a Senior Advisor in customer service to suggest more than once that if the patch for a factory defect decreases value or negatively affects the aesthetics of the new vehicle then the customer could pay for it.I have owned 10 General Motors vehicles in my life some trucks, some cars, suv. I guarantee you I will NEVER buy another GM product, my kids and family will never buy a gm product, I am disgusted they will not stand behind their product or the quality of their product. We asked GM replace the bed not the vehicle and they wont even replace the FACTORY installed liner. General Motors is a disgrace to Made in the USA products.
Publicado: November 25, 2019
Sharyn of Phoenixville, PA
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During the pandemic we were a couples months late due on payments. I talked
During the pandemic we were a couples months late due on payments. I talked to them on the phone countless times telling them we could pay once I got on my unemployment but that wasnt good enough they repod my vehicle and how are threatening to sue me if I dont pay 600 dollars. This is my third vehicle with this company and prior to this I always made my payments. They dont care if you have a family to take care of and they dont care about you during this pandemic. Sway away from them and do business elsewhere please.
Publicado: December 4, 2020
Nicholas of West Haven, CT
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I have a 2014 Chev Sonic, all 4 wheels are rusted, I went to the GM dealer
I have a 2014 Chev Sonic, all 4 wheels are rusted, I went to the GM dealer and he told me that it was poor quality metal because they were made in Korea. Needed to contact GM. After 2 weeks of no news, I contacted GM customer service. They would check into it, 3 weeks later they told me there was no warranty but the dealer would paint them. The dealer said we would order the paint. That was in late June. They have still not contacted me. I went back last week to the dealer because the top center of the rubber steering wheel is worn smooth, not cover and no explication as why. I worked for GM dealers for 37 years and have seen a lot that was passed under warranty that should not have. The car is under 3 years old and less than 50,000 kilometers. I was a GM man all my life but that is over now. Never again.
Publicado: September 16, 2017
JIM of Pointe Claire, QC
Fuente: consumeraffairs.com

We bought a 2005 Buick Rendevous in 1-1-2005. We, and two different servic
We bought a 2005 Buick Rendevous in 1-1-2005. We, and two different servicemen, have never been able to remove the spare tire, when needed. The cabin heat controls dont work properly, a fuel filter and sensor has to be removed for service periodically, and be replaced. The radio wont pick up stations, as well as my 1999 F350, and when my wife took it to Deters in Atlantic, Iowa, she was treated rudely. From reading the complaints of others, I dont believe I am interested in another GM product! It doesnt sound like you take care of your complaints. I will be buying a new 1 ton crew cab diesel pickup in 2012, but it doesnt look like Ill even consider GM.
Publicado: December 21, 2011
Phil of Villisca, IA
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Tedd Britt Chevrolet (Sterling, VA) and General Motors has given me the run
Tedd Britt Chevrolet (Sterling, VA) and General Motors has given me the run around. They have shown gross negligence by refusing to replace my newly purchased 2020 Silverado 1500. I have been tossed around from manager to manager, from advisor to advisor. Nobody wants to be the one caught with the customer (me) in a potential lawsuit:I have put less than 15,000 miles on the vehicle, hardly owned six months. First owner. The vehicle has been in FIVE TIMES for various electrical issues including brake system failures (x3), and most recently the vehicle shut off while I was traveling +60mph. I fear for my safety. See attached invoice photos. Their staff sees you as a number - a price tag. Their “Customer Experience Manager” did not even look at me, he talked over me, and downright refused to help me - would not even give me the customer service phone number. He said it was not his problem. Incredible. Don’t waste your time, or your safety. Buy a Ford.
Publicado: March 8, 2021
Joe of Blacksburg, VA
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My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by
My Saturn Ion has a recall on it due to ignition problems. I was assured by the GM customer service people that I would get a loaner vehicle while my car is being serviced. I called the dealership to make an appt as instructed only to be told I would not get a loaner but instead a shuttle would be provided to and from home..which does not work for me since we only have one vehicle for a family of 5 and I have tons to do on a daily basis. I depend on my vehicle. Yesterday afternoon the ignition on my car completely locked and therefore could not drive anywhere. This happened late afternoon so I called GM. I was able to get an appt set up but was told the part needed would not be available until a week later. I called customer service and I was told not to worry about it since I would be able to get a loaner car. By the end of the day I got a call from the dealership telling me they had a part and my car could be fixed in an hour however since my car would not turn on I had to call Roadside assistance. I was told they had to tow it to the nearest dealership which turned out wasnt the place I had been in contact with. So I called GM customer service back. I was told not to worry my car would be towed and I could go either that afternoon or early next morning to pick up a loaner car. Turns out that afternoon the service manager from the dealership was gone therefore I could not get a loaner car but I was assured by the customer service rep to call in the morning and everything would be taken care of . I called early morning and after 45 minutes of being given the run around, I was told I should get a call back within 24 hours..wow..I said well by then it will be too late..I need a car now since I have several appts today . One of them being a long awaited appt (4 months wait) at my sons Autism clinic.. Customer service rep said okay I will call you back as soon as I get something resolved for you. An hour later I called the dealership to see what was going on...I was transferred to the general manager who was extremely rude. He advised me that GM never provided loaner cars and that if they did they have to pay and send him an email authorizing. I was told the night before by customer service that the email had been sent. So I called GM customer service back after an hour I was told Sorry maam but whoever gave you that information gave you incorrect information. We do not lend out loaner cars. The dealership has to do it at their own discretion. I am beyond angry at this point... I dont understand why we have to have our lives disrupted and turned upside down because GM couldnt get it together and put in the right parts. So now here I am years later paying the price for their incompetence. What really makes me mad is all that flip flopping that I got from customer service... You either do or you dont. There shouldnt be any maybes or I thinks from such a big company. In the meantime because of that, my husband lost a days pay which is a lot for someone living paycheck to paycheck and my sons autism therapy has been pushed back two and half months. Thanks a lot GM.
Publicado: May 28, 2015
Roberta of San Antonio, TX
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9/15/17- Purchased 2014 Chevy Equinox, also paid $2500 for an extended warr
9/15/17- Purchased 2014 Chevy Equinox, also paid $2500 for an extended warranty with CNA National. 7/18/18 - Vehicle just shut off while driving for maybe 10 minutes. It felt as if the battery had died. Please note I had no other issues prior to this with the vehicle. Tried to start it, and it sounded as if someone was playing the drums under my hood. Pushed car to safe location, and went home for the evening.7/19/18 – I got a ride to the vehicle with hopes of it starting. Same thing happened. So, I reached out to my warranty company (CNAN) and was told that I can have the vehicle towed through their Roadside Assistance to a repair shop of my choice, and once an estimate was prepared, they would pay over the phone with a credit card. I had the vehicle towed to Quality Buick GMC in Alton, IL. 7/20/18 - Received a call from Quality that timing chain was busted, along with several other items, and engine was full of sludge. They stated I was still covered under GM Powertrain warranty and they submitted all of the information to GM, and got me a rental through Enterprise.7/24/18 - Received a call from Quality stating that GM declined repairs, and now extended warranty company would not pay for the rental I had for days. I contacted GM and requested a supervisor to discuss options. Supervisor stated that they would review case and contact me within 2 days. With the vehicle having under 100,000 miles, she didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t cover it. She asked where the vehicle was located and I started Quality Buick GM in Alton, after searching their database, she said they were not certified to do the repairs, and the vehicle would have to be towed to another location. She reached out to Jack ** in Wood River, and also as a courtesy, reached out to Chevy Roadside assistance to do a Dealer to Dealer transfer at no cost to me. I was very grateful for that. She said the roadside assistance company would reach out to me within 20 minutes, and gave me a number to call if they did not. 45 minutes went by and I called Chevy Roadside Assistance to follow up on the transfer. Of course, they had no information, and was not eligible for the transfer. I contacted GM Warranty again, and they said she was not allowed to do that, and there was nothing they could do at that moment, and case was re-opened and pending investigation. Reached out to CNAC (extended warranty company) and Roadside Assistance wasn’t available with them either until 7 days from last time used. Frustrated, I hang up, and look for other options online. I received a call from Allstate Ins. that they were attempting to pick up the vehicle, but there was a $300 balance with Quality Pontiac before vehicle could be transferred. They stated they were called out by Chevy Roadside Assistance, who just told me they had no information for transfer. So, I reached out to Quality for information on balance owed. They stated $100+ for opening up the engine, and the remaining balance was for the rental. Also, vehicle would not be released until balance was paid. I explained to them that GM Warranty needed a Certified Dealer to estimate repairs, and they informed me they are a certified dealer. I called GM Warranty back to let them know what was going on, and they said the other person I talked to must be new, or not know what she is doing, because Quality is a certified dealer. I would only be getting charged more money by having another dealer open up the engine to do the estimate. I explained to them I would be leaving the vehicle at Quality, and gave them the contact info for the service department for investigation on repairs.7/26/18 - Received a call from GM Warranty that repairs would not be covered due to it not being a manufacturer defect. That was their final answer. I spoke with 2 different service departments, Quality, and Jack ** and they stated there is no way the sludge in the engine could have been caused in the 10 months I’ve had the vehicle. Oil changes were always done on time, and I have proof of that. So, how it is that I now have a car with $6000+ damages, and a 14,000 balance on, $600 balance for rental + Quality doing estimate, and I’m responsible. I drive my car to make a living, and not only am I without a car, I’m now also without a job. I am beyond frustrated, and any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Publicado: July 30, 2018
Kelli of Alton, IL
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Sad... to say the least... my family like many working paycheck to paycheck
Sad... to say the least... my family like many working paycheck to paycheck. I took our Truck a 2011 in for a tapping sound in engine. It was driving just fine. That made all kind of false claims. 1st aftermarket parts in engine they could not prove. 2nd they claimed that a engine treatment I had a year ago broke my piston. My Truck only way I have to get to work. They told me I needed a new engine rebuilt one for $5,000 or a new one for $12,000. They said the aftermarket parts and engine treatment I had voided the warranty. My Truck was towed from their location to a Auto Center where I had an auto expert look at my Truck. He stated they destroyed my engine. I ask him if he would sign a affidavit. He did. Stating that this dealership destroyed my engine and did other damage. I have a GM case number. My guy has all the affidavits to question anyone about this issues. I have spoken to him once in three weeks. Emailed and scanned and Faxed documents and instruments. No answer, no help... keep waiting... keep waiting... rent a car $800 a month plus keeping truck payment current is killing us. Cant last much longer. Single dad need help...
Publicado: April 12, 2016
Bo of Picayune, MS
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My 2012 GMC Terrain is not getting the gas mileage on sticker. I went to th
My 2012 GMC Terrain is not getting the gas mileage on sticker. I went to the dealership many times, but they could care less. I guess all they wanted was my money.
Publicado: December 19, 2012
Nelda of Santa Fe, NM
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My 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, while still covered by GM’s Fac
My 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, while still covered by GM’s Factory Power Train Warranty, had two frayed injector wire connectors that were repaired/replaced by GM Authorized dealers using Genuine GM Parts (that come a one-year warranty). A couple months later I pulled into Casper Buick GMC Cadillac (“CASPER GMC”) and was told that 2 injectors had failed but they would be covered 100% by my warranty. Therefore, I approved the work. Later when I went to pick up my truck they told me it would not be covered by warranty and that I needed to personally pay them $2,231.04 or they would not give me my keys or release my truck to me.For two months since then, I’ve made repeated unsuccessful attempts to get a satisfactory resolution and have experienced:(i) Repeated broken promises from Matt **, of CASPER GMC and from and Jay from GM Customer Care (“GM”) to get back to me;(ii) CASPER GMC’s and GM’s willful disregard of the promises made to owners like me in GM’s Factory Power Train Warranty;(iii) CASPER GMC’s repeated and unwarranted refusal to file my warranty claim with GM, despite the fact that my truck is still under GM Factory Warranty for both the injectors (GM Factory Power Train Warranty), and the connector wires (GM Genuine Parts Warranty); and(iv) I was told by Jay at GM Customer Care that if I sought guidance from my attorney, even if such guidance did not include my filing suit, he would no longer be able to speak with me about this issue.(v) I was told by Casper GMC to contact GM Customer Care and was told by GM Customer Care to contact Casper GMC.Casper GMC and GM Customer Care do a good job of watching each other’s back but totally ignore the backs of customers like me.If this sounds like fun to you, please go straight to Casper GMC and buy a truck. Yuk!
Publicado: March 1, 2022
Clay of Bozeman, MT
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I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several
I have been a client of General Motors for 17 years and have bought several of what I believed to be your high-quality vehicles. I purchased an Acadia in 2013. About 2-3 months ago, I noticed that the paint on the hood of the car was bubbling up. I brought it to the dealership, Morrissey GMC, in Rockville Centre, NY. I was told by the service representative that I was no longer covered by the warranty because I had exceeded 36,000 miles, even though I have an extended warranty.I brought the car to 3 other body shops, and I was told that the bubbling was a result of a defect in the paint. GMC should stand by their product, regardless of the car’s mileage, and repair it at no expense to me because regardless of the age or mileage of the car, the issue at hand is that the paint is defective—which is a quality control issue. In addition, I spoke to a customer service representative regarding this issue, and she said that GMC would not pay for the repair in full, they would cover approximately half of the expense. She refused to send an engineer to examine the car, stated that her decision was final, and would not allow me to speak with one of her superiors.Why should a client be responsible for a quality control issue, this is an expense that is normally incurred and covered by any respectable corporation. In addition, refusing to refer a client to a superior to resolve an issue is very unprofessional. Isn’t the client always right? This obviously isn’t the case with GMC. Aside from being a longtime client, I have referred people to GMC and purchases have been made a result of my referrals. I can honestly say that I expected better from a long-standing American Corporation that is supposed to pride itself and represent what used to be considered a corporation that set the standard for other American vehicle companies.Needless to say, I will not be referring GMC to anyone in the future and this letter will also be submitted to the Better Business Bureau as I don’t believe it is in good practice or professional to hold the client responsible for quality control issues, or for a customer service representative to ultimately determine the outcome of any situation when a client asks to speak to their superior.
Publicado: June 1, 2017
Guy of Mineola, NY
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I bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox in Feb, 2015. I was given a carfax and told,
I bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox in Feb, 2015. I was given a carfax and told, appears there are no serious issues or repairs. # mo. later had a 1,500 repair - GM picked up half as timing chain had an added extd warranty due to many failures. It was THEN I was told about MANY EXTD WARRANTY ISSUES BEING fixed before 80,000 on my car! Now at 114,000 I have complete trans. failure!! I was told Oh well. I didnt get the extended warranty at 104,000 when I bought it because I was assured the car had NO major issues. GM WILL DO NOTHING although there are HUNDREDS of complaints online about the 2010 transmission failing. The dealer wants 4,000 to fix it. It will be returned and repod as I cant pay for it, and I cant fix it. Thanks GM. CAR is a lemon from the word GO!! As many people who have a failed transmission on this car, there should be a RECALL or another extd warranty. I will go back to a foreign car! I will never own a GM again.
Publicado: July 13, 2016
Diana of Adrian, MI
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Six days after the purchase of a new truck (1 mile on odometer) while makin
Six days after the purchase of a new truck (1 mile on odometer) while making a left turn the front left wheel fell off the truck. The truck hit a car at the intersection and damaged the front and back bumper but was driveable. GM has denied the claim.
Publicado: April 27, 2015
Doris of Pleasant Grove, AL
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2011 Silverado Duramax Diesel - LTZ. After paying the extreme price for thi
2011 Silverado Duramax Diesel - LTZ. After paying the extreme price for this truck GM threw out to the public with a bad DEF system, among other problems, they should be ashamed. When you complain about this inferior product, GM does nothing but throws you a bone to buy another GM product!! Not back up their product by extending the warranty you already paid for.. Shame on you GM. You waved the flag of a America built product. After being a loyal customer all my 60 years, standing by you while others put out a good product, this is how I get treated. Now I feel like a fool.
Publicado: August 11, 2015
terry of Martindale, TX
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I purchased a used 2013 Buick LaCrosse. Never again will a GM product come
I purchased a used 2013 Buick LaCrosse. Never again will a GM product come into my house. This POS has been at the repair shop 13 times in the past year. I have contacted the dealer and GM and all I get is lip service. GM could care less about customer service and customer satisfaction. I have tried to be a reasonable person, but am beyond that now. Just know 13 is a unlucky number and if you decide to purchase a Buick keep that number in your mind. Do not purchase a GM Buick.
Publicado: May 16, 2017
Ken of Huntersville, NC
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I took my vehicle (2012 Equinox) to the dealership to have my piston rings
I took my vehicle (2012 Equinox) to the dealership to have my piston rings replaced due to a recall. After having them replaced there was a noise coming from under the hood. I asked the dealership what was this noise, after having my vehicle for a month I was told that the noise is coming from a Vacuum which comes from the pistons not working properly. I was told that I must pay for this to be fixed because its not under warranty. My problem is that if the piston rings caused this and theres a recall for this, then the Vacuum problem should be in recall as well. I contacted GM and they told me the same thing the dealership said but added that this has not been seen in all vehicles. How many have to have this problem for GM to make it their priority? Not fair to pay for something that was caused by a recall!!!
Publicado: August 1, 2017
Ushika of Greensboro, AL
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GM customer service and appreciation is so poor, I’ll never again pu
GM customer service and appreciation is so poor, I’ll never again purchase a GM product, after my husband and I have been loyal GM owners all our lives. On October 13th, we were in an unfortunate vehicle accident where my vehicle has been in the repair shop since October 17th. Since this time, parts for my vehicle repair are still in an “Unknown” status.The dealership escalated parts with GM as unavailable on October 31st, however after not being able to receive an ETA, I reached out to GM directly to escalate this concern on December 3rd. December 5th was able to speak to my case worker who reached out to the dealership on the same day. December 10th, I was finally provided an update from my case worker but only confirming all the details I already knew; My parts are unavailable, escalation has been file by dealership, and they would be sent when they are available (no ETA). The only detail he provided me that I wasn’t aware of was GM wasn’t the point of contact, my dealership was and there was nothing more GM could do. My case worker was unsympathetic in every conversation we’ve had, only re-iterating the whole country has been impacted by the GM strike. I then emailed the CEO of Chevrolet, Mary Barra, on December 10th, in which I received another case work. After patiently waiting, finally received a call December 15th from my new case worker. This one was worst than the last in regards to customer service. Saying the same thing as the last case worker about the GM strike and parts not available, only worse, she kept insisting my case first escalated on December 10th. I’m sure you can imagine how far my frustration had gone by this point. I requested to speak to her manager since it was obvious she was only performing the same actions as the last case worker, only more poorly. I was given a 24-48 hour turn around. Finally, December 22, got a call from her manager and again got nowhere, no update. Today is December 29 and GM still has no update on parts for my vehicle yet they are still pushing the same vehicles to production.
Publicado: December 29, 2019
Melinda of Leander, TX
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I purchased a 2006 Dodge Stratus and was told if I make the payments on tim
I purchased a 2006 Dodge Stratus and was told if I make the payments on time for 6 months, they would refinance. I called after 6 months and they said no. So Im stuck with 24 percent interest rate. About 3 months ago, my hours got cut at work... I got behind, and yes, one day late and your phone is ringing nonstop. And if you do answer, they are the mean and rude. I work nights and when a certified letter was left at my house, I did not get it and it was sent back. I contacted them and made a payment about 2 weeks ago. I never heard from them again as far as certified letters go...and guess what, my car was just repossessed at 12:32 this morning...the man was nice but the company is horrible!
Publicado: August 6, 2014
Christy of Green Bay , WI
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It is pretty bad when you have been to the service department so many times
It is pretty bad when you have been to the service department so many times they know you by name. Started with cam shafts sensor then it was rear main seal then gas leak. Next visit was pistons rods water pump timing chain, and minors between. The service dept at McDaniel Motors have been great. Other than they had my car so long I had to take back my loaner and get another one. I am not happy with this vehicle (2012 Equinox). If someone would have told me this vehicle is known to use a lot of oil I would not have purchased it. I paid a high price for this vehicle I expect it to stand up to its price. Has not happened.
Publicado: May 13, 2015
Ramona of Marion, OH
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I went to the GM dealership in my town for a diagnosis on my SUV because it
I went to the GM dealership in my town for a diagnosis on my SUV because it had an awful vibration. Please understand my beginning frustration as Ive only had the vehicle a little over a year and already numerous problems. They call me a few hours later and tell me its the wheel bearing. Irritated about how much Ive spent on it in an year I called the GM directly and they were going to pay some of it. Until the manager at GM got a hold of the manager at the dealership. The dealership lied, about conversations we never had, diagnosis he never gave me. So anyone looking for a vehicle in the Vermont area? Dont go to aldermans Chevrolet!
Publicado: November 13, 2015
Krista of Rutland, VT
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My truck had a problem where all 4 of my brakes locked up and the brake ped
My truck had a problem where all 4 of my brakes locked up and the brake pedal would not depress at all. I had to drive from 2 to 4 miles to get where I was going with the accelerator pedal fully depressed and going 35 miles per hour. The brakes were all four very hot and smoking. Within 2 hours the brakes were back to normal. This happened approximately 5 times before I was able to get into a gm authorized dealer. They let me use a loaner until they could test drive my truck. They called me and told me that they found the problem with the front brakes. I confronted the service manager and told him that they had not found the problem because when the problem occurred all four brakes locked up. He quoted me a price of $850.00 to make the repairs the mechanic thought would solve the problem. I told him that he had not found the problem and If I agreed to the costs and the repairs and it continued he would have to absorb the cost of the necessary repairs. He stated I would do that anyway. I authorized the repairs and within two weeks the brakes all locked up again. I asked him if he could call technical services about the problem. He said he only had one mechanic who was authorized to call the gm technical service dept.I wanted me to return the vehicle for them to test drive it again. In the meantime I found another source of information and was told all I needed to do was replace the brake fluid reservoir cap and the problem would never happen again... I was promised a loaner vehicle while they test drove my truck. While I was for the loaner car I casually told the mechanic about the cap possibly could be the cause of the problem. Without my knowledge and without telling the service manager he changed the cap before they started test driving the truck. After a week I called to find out about my truck and they had had no failures. I returned the loaner car and spoke to the mechanic while they were making out the paperwork for my truck and the loaner. He told me that he had changed the cap and raised the hood to show me a new cap had been installed. I have filed a complaint with the dealership and asked for some relief on the cost of the repairs to my truck. I was told that he had met with the service manager and the mechanic and they believe that the cap was not the problem.I have driven the truck for over 3 months since the cap was replaced. As I was leaving the dealership I met the service manager and I asked him if he had called their technical service department about the problem. He stated that he and the mechanic did not believe the cap and since my truck was over 10 years old with over 175,000 miles he would not bother technical services with my trucks problem. I told him if he felt that way HE WAS AN IDIOT. He said thank you and turned and walked away. I really would like to know how to contact someone from GMC who can explain to me how the brakes are affected by the brake fluid cap. Thank you for your time and concern about my problem.
Publicado: March 22, 2015
James of Puryear, TN
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My Disappointing Experience with General Motors and Leith Buick GMC of Wend
My Disappointing Experience with General Motors and Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC. November 10, 2018, my vehicle began to misfire. I had the code pulled and contacted Ryan **, Service Advisor at Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC, on November 12, 2018 to bring my vehicle for repair of cylinder 2 and 4 on November 17, 2018. By November 15, 2018, driving conditions worsened and I had to take the vehicle earlier than expected to Leith Buick GMC on November 16, 2018. They gave me a loaner to drive while they had my vehicle for service and repair. By November 20, 2018, Ryan ** confirmed the misfire was on cylinder 2 and 4, along with other mechanical issues found. Ryan ** gave me pricing for all of the repairs and we discussed options for a possible trade. He forwarded my information to a sales representative, which whom I met with on November 23, 2018.After deep thought and discussion, I declined to trade down to a 4 door sedan with higher payment and authorized cylinder 2 and 4 to be repaired only. November 28, 2018 the repairs authorized was implemented and paid in full. March 3, 2019 my vehicle began to misfire again. I had the code pulled and found that the misfire was on cylinder 2; one of the same cylinders that Leith repaired November 28, 2018. March 4, 2019 I contacted Ryan ** to discuss the issue and to find out if the parts were refurbished that was put on the cylinders because it did not last.Ryan ** stated they were not refurbished parts, but that they could have been bad. He stated that I could bring the vehicle back to them and they would repair it. I refused to put the vehicle under additional stress to drive over an hour and a half for to have the repairs done again. Ryan stated being that the repairs were under warranty; I could go to any GM dealership to have it repaired that was closest to me. I called three GM dealerships in my area: David Westcott Buick/GMC in Burlington, NC; Flow Buick GMC of Greensboro, NC; and Bill Black Chevrolet of Greensboro, NC. All were busy and stated that they would have to keep the vehicle for at least three days and did not have a loaner available for me to drive to get back and forth to work. So, my only other option was to purchase the parts and have the vehicle repaired by another mechanic.March 7, 2019, I purchased the parts and instructed the mechanic to save the engine ignition coil and spark plug on cylinder 2 so that I could take it back to the dealership. The mechanic repaired what I asked and gave me back the coil and spark plug. To my surprise it was not a Bosch coil. It was an aftermarket part that did not match the invoice. April 10, 2019 I changed cylinder 4 coil and spark plug. I asked the mechanic to again give me back the coil and spark plug. To my surprise cylinder 4 coil was aftermarket as well.April 19, 2019, I took the parts back to Leith Buick GMC. I spoke with Ryan ** about the issue. Ryan ** denied that that they put the parts on the vehicle. He stated that I did not know and they could have come off of cylinder 3 and 5. He berated me with questions on what side of the engine it came off of, left or right. He said the parts they use are Bosch and showed me one as an example, pointing out the difference in the part. That the parts they use have part numbers and the part that I brought back did not. He would not listen to me at all. He kept saying that because I took the vehicle to someone else for repair there was nothing that they could do. I reminded him of our conversation March 4, 2019 and that I tried to do what he said and enlightened him of the outcome from it. He also stated that maybe I brought the parts to him. I told him that I did not bring the parts to them and the only parts that I took to them that they did not put on was the intake cover gasket.Ryan was still not willing to listen to me. He claimed I hollered at him, which I did not. My voice became firmer because he was still insinuating sublimely that I was lying about the parts. I was merely trying to get my point across to him and was getting frustrated because he was not listening to me and insinuating that I was telling an untruth. I told him that I was not a mechanic but I knew what I purchased and had repaired. I told him that I was not going to drive over and hour and a half for a lie. I told him that those were the parts they put on that was taken off and that I wanted a refund.At this point, Ryan ** took the parts from his desk and placed them outside his door onto the sidewalk and told me to get out of his office. I told him that I would leave his office, and he sat back down in his chair. I told him before leaving that he knew they put those parts on my car and that they were no good. He then got up and walked away. I told him that I was going to have an investigation in their place of business to look at their records as he was walking away and then went outside to retrieve the parts placed on the sidewalk. I went back inside the dealership to find Ryan **. He was standing at a window to the billing office. I let him know that I was going to send the parts to the CEO of GM. 4/26/2019, Mailed failed equipment taken off of cylinder #2 and #4 to CEO, Mary Barr of GM. 5/6/2019, Spoke to Matt with GM Executive Office. He confirmed receipt of packaging and letter. He took down all details.5/8/2019, Spoke to Matt again with GM Executive Office. He stated he spoke with the service manager at Leith and the service manager assured him that they only use GM approved parts. The service manager stated that I was shown the parts they use. He stated because I did not take the vehicle back to them it could not be verified by GM that that they actually did it. He stated due to the age and mileage of the vehicle a loaner would not have been made available to me to drive. He stated that because the vehicle had previous owners that the parts could have been put on by them. So from all of the facts Leith Buick GMC of Wendell NC was not going to refund my money. I was told that if I had called the 800 number that maybe they could have worked something out. Matt also stated that they would have everything on file if it something more should come of this and that he would now consider the case closed.Matt with GM Executive Office, sided with Leith, their authorized dealership and basically said in not too many words that I was telling an untruth as well. Leith billed me for parts they claim they put on but never did. The parts that came off did not have the part numbers stated on the invoice. In closing, I am highly upset regarding the way I was treated and for the blatant disrespect shown by Ryan **. I feel if I had been a man of any race or a ** woman, he would have shown more respect, patience and listened to me. He would not have insinuated sublimely that I was lying. He would have immediately taken action to resolve the issue and apologized for the error. But because I am a ** woman, he felt he could disrespect me, talk to me any kind of way and sublimely call me a liar. As much as I like my Buick, I have decided to trade it for another make and model, namely their competition. I will not patronize a company that treats their consumers that way and call them liars sublimely.
Publicado: May 9, 2019
Felicia of Burlington, NC
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I filed an complaint with GM online for a problem I was just became aware o
I filed an complaint with GM online for a problem I was just became aware of on my own. My check engine light went on several months ago and found out that it was flagging a problem with my Cam Shaft intake sensor. When my oil was checked they found out that I had NO OIL in my car. I was well under my 5000 miles due for an oil change and NEVER had a warning signal go on from my vehicle while the oil was burning low. It was confirmed that my car had NO leaks. So something else was causing my oil to burn. I went online to try to find other cases of this and found out that GM knows about this issue with my exact Model and year vehicle (2011 Chevy Equinox LT 2.4 liter 4 cyl) and as a result increased the coverage for this problem for these vehicles from 85000 miles to 120,000 miles. After speaking with the dealership and a manager at GM CAC, they said they could only cover 50% of $4048 needed to fix this problem. The fix for this KNOWN problem is to replace the pistons and rings and gasket, etc. A very invasive job. Which indicates to me this is a very serious problem. Unfortunately, my car is at 139,000 miles (all highway) and they said that this is the best they can do for me. They agreed that there was no other way for me to know my vehicle was burning oil unless someone checked it regularly. The car uses Dexos oil (a synthetic blend) known to have less cases of burning oil. I have made regular oil changes on time for the almost 6 years Ive owned my vehicle and all services including the 100,000 mile services were performed at the dealership. I have been diligent with all required maintenance and now GM / Chevrolet and saying there is nothing more they can do because I am over the 120,000 allowable coverage. When I filed the complaint I was at about 137,000 miles. They will make no exceptions for my case. Even after I am able to prove that ALL required maintenance has been performed on the vehicle. The Manager that I spoke with Craig was short and condescending with me. He said YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHECKING YOUR OIL ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Seriously? Who does that today and why should I if I am diligent on my vehicle care. I was insulted and extremely dissatisfied with the answer and support GM is offering for this very serious issue. I now have a vehicle that is damaged as a result of a known issue that GM did not deliver to any of the dealerships or to the consumers of these 2011 Equinox LTs.I had a much more pleasant experience with Nissan when I found out my daughters 2003 Nissan Altima had a problem with the ECM and it needed to be replaced. After I found that there was an issue with the ECM for that model year of Nissan Altima and brought it up to their attention and filed a case online with Nissan CAC, they agreed with the dealership to cover 90% of the $1400 cost to replace the ECM. The car was a 2003 with 92000 miles and well over the warranty period, but they still made good for us the customers since it was a previously known issue for that model year. If only GM, the company Ive been loyal to for over 30 years would have made the same consideration for me and my Equinox. Extremely disappointing and unfair to their consumers.
Publicado: February 24, 2017
Rachel of Newton, NJ
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Bought brand New in 2011, my wife LOVES it. 2016, Exhaust Manifold & Ca
Bought brand New in 2011, my wife LOVES it. 2016, Exhaust Manifold & Catalytic Converter cracked. My wife brought it in. Dealer, Goldstein Buick GMC; Albany, NY; was going to charge $3000+ to replace. They Told her there was NO recall with this fix. A third party garage did the work for $1500. I called GMC and was told would NOT be reimbursed because work was done at third party garage. The Rep told me, Wait a Minute, the garage is not Warranted. THE TRUCK is Warranted! Plus, we just saved you Half the Price for the job! Goldstein Buick GMC was going to charge us over $3000! I looked up online and found 10 recalls with the Terrain. My wife found a letter claim form in her glove box. We filled it out and sent it in with the receipt. Still waiting for a refund. One week later; The Transmission & Transfer Case catastrophic, Mechanical Breakdown. Manufacture Defect. 55,000 miles!! GMC-JUNK. Fighting again.
Publicado: May 20, 2017
William of Waterford, NY
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I contacted what I thought was customer service to lodge a concern but all
I contacted what I thought was customer service to lodge a concern but all I see is its in the comment section on the website. Potentially, this is the reason why I havent been contacted but still surprised that a possible negative comment made didnt get a reply. So now, I need to get serious before the conflict gets out of hand. I do want to be fair but Im concerned that the car was purchased and not leased. Because I wanted it to be my last large purchase, it wont outlive me and will only start being a headache for both of us. Please reply and lets discuss options for both parties.
Publicado: March 20, 2012
Frank of Saugus, CA
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With only 8000 miles on my truck I already have about ten chips in my pain
With only 8000 miles on my truck I already have about ten chips in my pain and the undercarriage is rusting. You would think that a truck this expensive would have good coatings on it. This truck will rust away on anyone who buys it.
Publicado: August 11, 2020
Colton of Pocatello, ID
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Purchased a 2021 Z71 in January of 2021. While on vacation with less than 9
Purchased a 2021 Z71 in January of 2021. While on vacation with less than 9,000 miles truck broke down. Had to be towed and lifters and a piston had to be replaced. This happened on a Friday so I had to spend 3 days with no vehicle and pay for extra night at hotel to wait on a rental. I contacted GM to try and get reimbursed for some of my cost and they never even acknowledged me. Very disappointed!
Publicado: March 21, 2022
Tammy of Prairieville, LA
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I purchased my 2014 GMC Terrain 2 years ago as a used vehicle with 15,000 m
I purchased my 2014 GMC Terrain 2 years ago as a used vehicle with 15,000 miles on it. I have been overall very satisfied with the looks and performance of this vehicle. A few months ago we started having a shudder happen at acceleration. We didnt know what it might be from and it was so intermittent that we didnt immediately have it checked out. As the weather warmed the shudder happened more often and eventually made it to where it was difficult to pull out from an intersection due to no acceleration. We took it to a dealer to have it checked out and were advised that there is problem with several model years of GM transmissions having the torque converter delaminate which causes debris to spread through the transmission and causes it to fail. This is the case with ours and with a $5400 price tag to replace the transmission. We complained that since this is 2019 and its a 2014 with 59,000 miles shouldnt it be covered under the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. They advised it was out of the 5 years by 7 months from the in-service date. They did offer a 30% discount but we still felt this was way too much to pay for a transmission. We decided to take to a transmission shop for repair. The price ended up being the same as what the discounted price would be from the dealer. I contacted GM and was told that they wouldnt work with me on this since the repairs werent being done at a dealer. By the time that we discussed, it was too late to stop the repairs at the transmission shop. I was disgusted that GM wouldnt stand behind a vehicle with less than 60,000 miles with transmission failure and only 5 years old. This vehicle has not been abused or neglected in service. I am ready to say that we will no longer consider GM vehicles as possible options when we replace this or any of our other vehicles, even though we have been lifetime GM fans/owners.
Publicado: June 12, 2019
JULIE of Holt, MO
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2016 Chevy Colorado with 36,000 miles needs new fuel pipe. Vehicle has been
2016 Chevy Colorado with 36,000 miles needs new fuel pipe. Vehicle has been in repair shop since December 21. Several calls to customer service where they claim to have escalated the matter up the ladder but no results. GM can’t even give us an ETA on the needed part. Renting a means of transportation for an undetermined amount of time is unacceptable! Nobody has even attempted to offer a resolution. We will never buy another GM product!
Publicado: January 13, 2020
Suzanne of Gastonia, NC
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Took tahoe in for running badly. Told it needed a tune up. Ha. Platinum tip
Took tahoe in for running badly. Told it needed a tune up. Ha. Platinum tip plugs on their Monroney sticker on windshield states platinum tip plugs good for 100k. They cleaned the throttle body. Replaced the platinum tip plugs with of course platinum tip plugs and after 300 dollars still runs rough. Mind u this tahoe has less than 80k miles. Then was told it had a broken motor mount on drivers side. Another 550 to replace. Called GM, no help at all. Give us a 100 back on the 300 dollars already spent for original problem that still isnt fixed. I have been in the car business for 20 plus years. Was a GM and manager for several dealerships. Pigs poor service from GM. Would never buy another GM product!! Terrible customer service!! Talked to Natalie originally and was told they would get involved if the local dealer didnt do anything. After I talked to her, asked for her boss and was told the same bs. Asked for her supervisor and was told couldnt give me that info. This is how gm takes care of their customers??
Publicado: October 28, 2014
robert of Lewisville, TX
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We visited Disneys test track. They have new cars and singers. You spend a
We visited Disneys test track. They have new cars and singers. You spend a lot of money on advertising. The new cars have heavy red rust on their brake rotors. The world visits Disney - make your product shine and not look cheap. You will sell more cars if you pay attention to details.
Publicado: September 18, 2012
Roger of Charlton, MA
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Twice, I have experienced a disturbing situation when I accidentally touche
Twice, I have experienced a disturbing situation when I accidentally touched the engine start/stop button while driving. When this occurred, the drivers information screen advised me to put the car in Park, depress the brake pedal and push the engine stop/start button. This is an impossible feat when the car is in motion. The dealership advised me to put the moving car in neutral, lightly depress the brake pedal and press the start button. Obviously, Buick is aware of the problem if this hair-brained solution is proposed to the owner.The location of the start/stop button can easily allow the driver to accidentally touch it because of its proximity to the lane change on/off button, the act of extending ones finger into the recessed touch screen to change a radio station or adjusting the air vent to the right of the steering wheel. The location of the button is a gross design error. Even the LaCross has the proper location for the start/stop button. Will Buick acknowledge its mistake and provide all Verano owners with a safe alternative to solve this problem?
Publicado: January 6, 2015
Jack of Natrona Heights, PA
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First off my truck has been in the dealership for almost 2 months and all t
First off my truck has been in the dealership for almost 2 months and all they have done is lied lied lied about getting it fixed. Once I contacted General Motors I felt like they were going to get some thing done and compensate me for all the hell I’ve been put through and now all they are doing is lies lies lies.
Publicado: January 23, 2020
Charles of Wisconsin Dells, WI
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Took my Silverado with 38000 miles with warranty ending less than 30 days p
Took my Silverado with 38000 miles with warranty ending less than 30 days prior to Ferman Chevrolet in Brandon Florida; air was not blowing cold and the AC compressor and smelled like it was burning. Took them two days to contact me back after several calls to them. Finally they tell me I had a leak in the hi pressure hose and it would cost $560.00. Then by the end of the next day I call them again “again no communication from them“ they tell me, -By the way- the compressor is bad too and it will now cost you $1580.00. So, at this point I tell them no way. Then I can’t believe my ears- the service guy tell me fine but you still owe us the $560.00 for the work you already approved. Wow (I won that battle). I googled GM issue with ac systems and omg it’s a known issue. There’s even a class action suit. So I call General Motors and the girl tries to contact Ferman Chevrolet and get no answer. A day later I call General Motors back and the girl tells me she has tried to call them seven times so she escalates the ticket to a senior advisor. It takes three days for the senior advisor to call me just to tell me “more or less” that there’s nothing they can do for me; it’s out of warranty. I finally had it fixed by an AC guy that was recommended to me by a friend. He found metal shavings throughout the entire system. For $1300 he has replace the entire system to make sure there was no parts that would have the metal shavings. I write this in hopes that something can be done for other customers with the same known issue.
Publicado: March 17, 2018
Frank of Valrico, FL
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I purchased a brand new 2021 trailblazer in September 2020. While driving h
I purchased a brand new 2021 trailblazer in September 2020. While driving home from work November 20, 2020 my breaks, power steering, and stabilitrack went out all at the same time. Mind you, I am driving on a very busy street in Indianapolis also coming up on a very busy intersection. Luckily the left turn lane had no vehicle in it, but there was a red light and I could not stop. I looked both ways and braced myself for a horrible accident. Thankfully, I was able to get my vehicle turned and into a parking lot without getting hit or hitting anyone. I had to have my vehicle towed to Hubler Chevrolet (who took very good care of me). I did not purchase my vehicle from them. When I got home and checked the mail, there was a recall letter from GM stating there has been a recall on my vehicle due to the breaking system and the parts being contaminated. Also, due to the vehicle being so new, there were no parts yet available to fix the issue. I opened a case through GM and it was a struggle from then. Over a month for them to let me know that it was not a manufactures issue, but they would fix my vehicle at no cost to me due to the recall. Fast forward two months. Mind you, I still do not have my vehicle, yet I’m still paying on it. I receive a call from Hubler that the parts came in, but they are not programming with my vehicle. Two weeks later I received another call that more parts came in and those were not programming with my vehicle. I then called GM to initiate a buy back. About two weeks later Hubler called and stated my vehicle is now fixed and I could come pick it up. I receive a call today from GM stating they refused my buy back because my vehicle is now working properly. I am livid to say the least!
Publicado: February 17, 2021
Cheryl of Indianapolis, IN
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I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low
I crashed my 98 GMC Safari van into my garage when the ABS came on at a low speed. I replaced the sensors. Now it works but has a damaged bumper, and I have a damaged garage! I also have a 2000 Chevy Astro van that is now doing the same thing!
Publicado: August 15, 2012
Mark of Cecil, WI
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Buyers beware. I have a 2012 Silverado 3500 Dually with 6.6 motor. Had many
Buyers beware. I have a 2012 Silverado 3500 Dually with 6.6 motor. Had many issues with this motor but the big one was at 150,000 miles it busted the crank. Yes I said the CRANK BUSTED. I was covered for 120,000 but this was a factory problem but GM would not cover this at all. This cost me 10,000 to put a new motor in. All I pulled with this truck once a month I pulled a RV to LA. So looks like my next truck will be a Dodge.
Publicado: November 13, 2017
Darrell of Berea, KY
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Does anyone else have this problem? I bought my 2012 GMC Terrain in Jan 201
Does anyone else have this problem? I bought my 2012 GMC Terrain in Jan 2012. During my first week of owning it, we had some bad snow storms. The state uses a lot of salt to battle ice. When I opened the door, I had some difficulty opening it. When I did get it open, I noticed snow, slush, dirt, etc. at the rocker panel area where the inside bottom of my door meets the vehicle. I showed this twice to the dealership and they mainly stated they had never seen anything like it. Now this summer, the vehicle is leaking dust into the vehicle and builds up mud and dust at the rocker panel area. I took it back to the dealer and they put mud guards to see if they will help. I still see dust and dirt at the rocker panel. Otherwise, I like my Terrain. Please, if anyone is having this problem, I would like to know.
Publicado: May 28, 2012
Elaine of McGregor, IA
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On October 13, 2014, I took my 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo to Harbor Chevrol
On October 13, 2014, I took my 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo to Harbor Chevrolet in Michigan City IN for the ignition recall. Sixteen days later on 29th of October, my car would not start. Key found, not turn. I had the car towed to Sauers Buick GMC in LaPorte IN. I was told the ignition needed to be replaced. $881.00 that cost. Car ran good, but in one week check engine light was back on. Took it back on the 10th of October. This time I was told that it was an emissions problem, and another $49 for a gas cap. I was assured this was the problem, even though I didnt think there was anything wrong with the gas cap. By the 14th, just 4 days later, the Check engine light is back on. I called and again was told to bring the car in. Returned and left car on October 24 for the afternoon. This time I am told its a vent valve leaking that is defective and this is going to cost over $300 dollars to fix. I declined this repair. Enough is enough already. I think each time I take the car in, they will keep finding something wrong...or making something wrong. I feel I am being taken for a ride in my own car, and its not a ride I am enjoying. This all started with that recall, and turned into a $900 ride. And they still want more. I doubt that there is a vent valve leak. I am sick of getting screwed. Highly doubtful I will be buying another GM car if this how they treat customers.
Publicado: November 26, 2014
Deborah of Michigan City, IN
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I took my 2015 GMC Terrain Denali Edition (Carport kept - excellent conditi
I took my 2015 GMC Terrain Denali Edition (Carport kept - excellent condition) to my local GMC dealer for service. My windshield wipers totally failed during a thunderstorm on a dark backroad at night. But for the Grace of God I wasnt hurt or killed - I had to figure out how to find a pull-off to address the problem. I took it in for service repair to my GMC shop and explained the problem - and also noted that wiper failure is a current problem with other year groups and models.I received a call that the wiper transmission failed - but due to it not being under recall I will be charged $351. I told them that it is absolutely unacceptable. Wiper transmissions should not fail at 85K miles - considering that I never experienced this type of problem before and have owned high mileage vehicles. They told me they had no power to do anything. I called GMC customer service and they claim they have no power to defer charges. Nonsense. I am lucky that I was not hurt or killed based upon their defective part. Further, GM was bailed out by my tax dollars because they are too big to fail. Well, my windshield wiper transmission was too important to fail, and it still did.
Publicado: June 26, 2017
Jay of Andreas, PA
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First and foremost, GMs service sucks. I took my 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado t
First and foremost, GMs service sucks. I took my 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado to Don Gooley Cadillac in Saint Clair Shores. The guy who used to service the Oldsmobile went to a different dealership and the write-up person told me to go to that dealership which is 40 miles away. When I asked if there is anybody else there that could service my car, I was told no. I even had the service booked for the car. So I wrote to the owner of the dealership and the service manager on how unhappy I was. No response and that was over 2 months ago. The next time I buy a car, its going to be a Toyota. I get service on my 30-year old Celica and they dont treat me like crap.
Publicado: October 25, 2012
Victor of Saint Clair Shores, MI
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I have an 2014 XTS Cadillac with 54000 miles. The transmission gave out wit
I have an 2014 XTS Cadillac with 54000 miles. The transmission gave out with such low mileage. My warranty had expired 10 days prior to this happening. My mechanic bought a new transmission from GM dealership and was programmed by GM Representative. I called GM headquarters seeking for at least to help pay for the transmission not the labor since I realize it was installed by third party. I spoke with senior representatives, directors of customer service and even customer service to resolve issue when I complained to Better Business Services. They did not care that the car had only 54000 miles. They refused to even pay a portion of it. I will never buy a GM car! Nor will anyone in the my family. They showed such disservice to GM customer. What transmission gives out 54000 miles. Never again GM. I will only make displeasing comments about GM.
Publicado: September 11, 2019
Mary of Upland, CA
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If you think you would like have a car that runs and gets you where you nee
If you think you would like have a car that runs and gets you where you need to be, dont buy Chevrolet! If you do, and the repairs become so much that it would cost more than the car is worth (even if youre still paying on it), dont call GMs customer assistance center, cause they dont care. Do you have a warranty? Thats all they want to know. Too bad this thing wont let me leave these categories as ZERO stars.
Publicado: January 3, 2017
Heather of Cassadaga, NY
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We are old retired people - bought new 2010 silverado - it has 35,000 miles
We are old retired people - bought new 2010 silverado - it has 35,000 miles on it - put new tires on it. They are touring in -- had it to the mechanic today - to rotate tires and a line it -- he called and the tie rods need to be replaced - when we bought it it came with a warranty but we also bought the extended warranty --called gm it expired 5 months ago - talked to 2 diff. women. The last 1 was a smart alec - too bad --- cost me almost 500.00 - yes we are on social security -- and same ON GM - TOLD HER WE WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER CHEVY. MY 2001 EXPLORER IS BETTER THAN THAT HUNK OF JUNK.
Publicado: April 27, 2016
henry and linda of Vandalia, IL
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Bought two GM trucks at same time. After about six weeks one had the airbag
Bought two GM trucks at same time. After about six weeks one had the airbags deploy for no reason. Only going about 30 mph at the time so fortunately no one was injured except the shock of the incident and the total destruction of the interior. GM had immediately wanted to blame the driver and wanted the insurance company name. THIS WAS NOT anything we did and is not an insurance claim. This is just a faulty product with a dangerous problem which they dont want to accept responsibility for. This IS a GM problem. We have a loaner but want another new truck. We do not want that truck back. We no longer trust the vehicle and since this incident have no trust in GM to stand behind their product. Until this problem is addressed and fixed I would not buy a GM truck. None should have to go through this. GM is fortunate that none was hurt. Apparently they just dont care about the customer. BEWARE OF GENERAL MOTORS when considering buying a new vehicle.
Publicado: February 14, 2015
Dan of Muskegon, MI
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I see all of the complaints about CUE computer system since 2013. Purchasin
I see all of the complaints about CUE computer system since 2013. Purchasing a 2015, I thought surely GMC has improved that product by now. But how wrong I was. I know GMC is not recalling that product because it is not a safety issue, that is their way out. Come on GMC, you put out a junk CUE product, stand behind it. Has any CUE/Cadillac owners started a class action suit? If so, how can I join?
Publicado: September 19, 2018
Carol of Independence, MO
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I purchased a truck from GM on June 20th. I was told that I would have the
I purchased a truck from GM on June 20th. I was told that I would have the registration in a week or two because it had to be signed and go through their legal department. (Too long to begin with but whatever). So I pay at the dealership Brett Chevrolet in Saint John NB and I waited. After two weeks I call and Im told its still not ready. I call a few more times still nothing and yesterday July 11 their business department tells me they have the papers and now have to send them to motor vehicle and that it will be ready in a day or two. So again I wait. I decided to call today and check and the original guy is now on vacation and a different fella tells me they just got the paperwork from GM today and he will send it tomorrow and theres nothing I can do to speed it up. Needless to say its difficult to purchase a vehicle from them or rather get a registration from them for the vehicle that you purchased. The whole inter-departmental finger pointing dont work for me and GM needs to get their .... together on making these processes run smoother. I mean, I cant even legally drive a truck I bought almost a month ago because I dont have a registration, really?
Publicado: July 11, 2018
Shane of Smithtown, NB
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If youre looking for a practical small SUV with decent fuel economy and ple
If youre looking for a practical small SUV with decent fuel economy and plenty of usable space inside and comfortable ride. The 2017 Equinox is not a bad choice. Whether a long trip or a short trip around town. That being said. My experience owning this vehicle has been poor. In the short time that I have owned it. I have had to replace the power seat track and then back again 40k later to have the switch on the power seat replaced along with the fuse block. The front brakes dont last the expected average in normal driving conditions. Most recently I picked up on a issue the Equinox has had since the current version came out in 2010 and GM has never addressed it at the manufacturing level. The inner door seams on all four doors have rusted. Bulletin# 15136. Unfortunate I didnt notice the issue until 62 so paid out of pocket for repair. Outside of these issues there are other know issues that I have not experienced. And outside of regular maintenance and the issues I have mentioned. It is a good all around SUV that can be purchased at a more affordable price than most competitors. Also if safety is a concern. The equinox is one of the best at a 4 out of 5 stars. P.S. GM does not supports their product long term adequately enough.
Publicado: September 17, 2019
Steve of St. Catharines, Canada
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I purchased a 2012 Chevy Equinox from a local dealership in July of 2015! W
I purchased a 2012 Chevy Equinox from a local dealership in July of 2015! When I purchased the vehicle it had approximately 64,000 miles on it! When we done the loan for the vehicle, we went through a local bank where my father has banked at for many, many years! My credit score is not the greatest, so my wonderful father agreed to co-sign for me so I could purchase the vehicle and help build my credit! When we done this loan, I was supposed to have been the main one on the loan and my father of course the co-signer! When we purchased the vehicle it did come with a warranty! I believe it was the second day that I had the vehicle, I was backing out of the parking lot where I work on my way to get lunch, and the vehicle started to shake and act as if it was going to quit! The whole way to McDonalds and back, which was about 10 minutes, the vehicle done this!It actually did quit on me once and I got it started back up and was able to make it back to work! I called the dealership and told them what the vehicle was doing and they told me just to bring the vehicle back over to them if it would make it and they would take care of it for me! I took the vehicle back to the dealership, and they gave me a rental and a couple days later they called and told me that it was a sensor that had went bad and that they got it fixed and the vehicle was ready to be picked up! It drove just fine for a while. Then I started having issues with the oil, it would go through oil like crazy, and I would go to start it up and it would sound horrible! The only way I can really describe the sound it would make, is it was a loud ticking noise and then when given the gas it would make a loud whining sound and when slowing the vehicle down or coming to a stop it would start jerking itself like it was trying to quit!I took it back to the dealership again, and If I remember correctly… they replaced the Fuel pump! Again... it drove fine for a while and then it started doing the same thing! We were constantly having to put oil in it, and drive around with it making the same horrible sound as before, and you didnt know if when you came to a stop or a low speed if it was just going to quit on ya! I ended up having to take the vehicle back to the dealership a couple more times over this issue and the last time I had it there they told me that the only thing they could do was an Oil Consumption Diagnostic Test which involved me having to bring the vehicle back to them, every so many miles to be checked and that I would have to pay to have it done because it was NOT covered under the warranty! I declined to have it done!Some may not understand this... but my fiancé and I are trying to raise three kids, provide for them and each other on top of bills and other everyday necessities, on very low income! It is a constant struggle for us just to keep our heads above the water and keep from drowning! We are trying to survive in todays world the best we can, and we did NOT have that extra money to pay to have that test done, nor the time to keep taking the vehicle back to them every so many miles to be checked! No one knows our situation but us, and we decided that we just couldnt do it and declined to have it done! So here I was... in debt for this vehicle that I hadnt had very long... that I kept having the same repetitive problem with over and over again! So this issue continued on!Some days it would run fine, then other days it would do the awful noise making and trying to quit on me... and we were still having to put oil in it about once a week… sometimes every two weeks! This past August we went on vacation with family, and of course my fiancé, kids and I were going to all go in the Equinox! We took the vehicle and had it serviced... oil change, and other things before we left! We went on vacation and the vehicle drove just fine there and back! About a month after we got back from vacation, I got in the vehicle to come to work one morning and it started making the same noise AGAIN as soon as I started it up! Only this time it was much worse! I mean it was SO loud that when I stopped to get breakfast and the bank to deposit my payroll check that I had to turn the vehicle off just so I could hear over the intercom! I mean it sounded so bad I just thought the motor was gonna blow right then and there!I made it to work and my fiancé called a different dealership that many people had recommended to us, and told them the problems we were having and asked if they could get it in to look at it! We had already decided that we were NOT dealing with the original dealership anymore because of the issues in the past and the poor customer service and rudeness that came along with it! This other dealership was not local, like the one we purchased it from, but we were told so many good things about them and I had known of several people that purchased vehicles from them and always had good luck, so thats why we decided to go with a different dealership this time!!! They were very nice to my fiancé, and tried to get the vehicle in as soon as possible to look at it! This was on a Thursday and they made us an appointment to bring the vehicle on the following Monday morning!My fiancé went and got THREE quarts of oil to put in the vehicle, thinking maybe that would quiet it down or at least keep it going until we could get it to the other dealership that following Monday! It got me home from work that night, and that next morning my fiancé got in it to take the kids to school, and he calls me and he says I really dont know if I’m going to make it back home in this thing, it sounds like its just going to blow any minute, and it will barely go up hills! He did make it home. And the second he pulled in the driveway the motor blew up! It was done for! Wouldnt do anything... Now what to do???We knew that we were going to have to have the vehicle towed no matter where we took it, and the dealership we had the appointment with the following Monday was a good ways away, and we didnt want an outrageous towing bill, so we decided to call the original dealership back... seeing how it was just 10 minutes away, and told them what had just happened! The guy my fiancé spoke with was very rude! Which was nothing new, because they had always been rude to us over the vehicle! He told my fiancé that it would be at least 3 to 4 weeks before they could even get the vehicle inside the garage to even look at it, because they were busy and shorthanded! He made it VERY clear that we would have to pay the tow bill and have it towed to them (which I knew that!). Im thinking... 3 to 4 weeks before they can even look at it??? What am I going to do!?So we call General Motors and we tell them the situation, and ALL the problems we have had with it, and they were very cooperative! They started a case and gave us a case number! Come to find out, they have had MANY issues with the Equinoxs. There was even a special coverage adjustment on it due to... Excessive Oil Consumption... and we were under the impression that they were going to help us out and do something about it, considering that was probably a big part in why the motor was blew up now!!! We were told that in order for them to start the case that we would HAVE to take it to the dealership we purchased it from and go through them... because right off the bat we asked if we could have it taken somewhere else!!!We were told that they would be contacting the dealership and let them know what was going on and that the vehicle would need to be towed over to the dealership and that they would be getting back in touch with us soon! We had the vehicle towed over to the dealership and the manager in the service department told us right of the bat that it was going to be awhile before they could even get in in the garage but he would try to get to it as soon as he could! They did give us another vehicle to drive! At first General motors was very cooperative and concerned over our issue and kept in contact with us, and then it was like... nothing! We would go a week or longer without hearing anything from the lady at GM that was handling our case, or the dealership!My fiancé and I would call and call GM trying to get through to the lady handling our case and we would get told Shes on the other line with another call, but Im sending a message through to her right now and she will get back with you as soon as possible! Or we would leave her messages on her voice mail and still never hear anything back from her! This was an everyday thing!!! We contacted the dealership to see if they had spoke with GM or knew what was going on and the manager at the service department was very rude with my fiancé and informed him that it looked to them as if the vehicle had been neglected and not kept up on its regular oil changes and that he wanted documentation where we had the oil changed in the vehicle!I do believe his exact words were And I dont mean some receipts from your buddies down to the local mechanic shop either. I want documentation from an actual dealership where they changed the oil in it!!! Okay... every car I have ever owned in my 30 years, my father or fiancé has changed the oil in them 90% of the time! So how was I going to get documentation from an actual dealership for an oil change... and why is it even the dealership’s say so on what we need to show them when GM motors is the one handling the case!? Because its not up to GM if the vehicle gets fixed, Im the one who has the say-so was the answer I got from the manager at the service department! So we try to contact GM and the lady handling our case. AGAIN to see what in the world is going on!When we finally got through to her, we told her what the dealership was telling us, and that we needed documentation from a dealership where we have had the oil changed, and how we change the oil ourselves, and how confused we were because we thought GM was calling the shots, but manager at the service department said he was! She told us that she understand that we changed our own oil, but if we COULD to try and get receipts where we have had it changed in the past or purchased the oil ourselves... and that they didnt understand why the dealership was making such a big deal over it because GM were the ones replacing the motor NOT the dealership!!!Then we get told from the dealership that GM doesnt pay to replace the motor... They replace the motor and then GM will reimburse them back, and that he (the manager at the service department) is the one that has to sign his name off to do that, and he couldnt until we turned him in receipts where we had the oil changed because to them it looked like we neglected the vehicle and it was our fault, and if GM decided not to reimburse them back, then they are the ones out thousands of dollars!!! Then we get told by GM that they dont handle it that way! They SEND the dealership the new motor so they didnt know why the dealership was making such a big deal over it!I go through this back and forth ** for about a week... and in the meantime my fiancé goes to a couple auto stores here in town to see if they would have any receipts where we purchased oil, and that was a no-go because he was told that their computer systems didnt keep records of oil purchases! They had records of other stuff we purchased... windshield wipers, filters etc. but not of oil! I know of a couple times we purchased oil from Walmart, so I even went on my Walmart app where I scan my receipts to get rewards back, and I still couldnt find anything, once my father purchased the oil and oil filter and changed it in his garage, but he didnt have the receipts! I could come up with one receipt showing where we had the oil changed back in August before we went on vacation!The lady at GM told me to fax it to her and she gave me all the info and I faxed it right away! She was supposed to contact us back the following day after she received the receipt, and did not! We went a week without hearing anything back from them! We called time after time, leaving her voice messages and being told shes not at her desk right now, but we will give her the message that its urgent and that you need to speak to her right away! Still wouldnt hear anything back! One afternoon I was out washing the rental car that the dealership had loaned me, and my fiancé calls to tell me that the dealership just called him and told him that if we didnt have some documentation where we changed the oil by Friday that we needed to return their rental car and that they were gonna shove mine out back!!!My fiancé had told the manager that we already faxed the receipt over to the lady handling our case at GM but she hadnt contacted us back, and once again he told fiancé, that HE wanted the receipts, they were the ones that called the shots!!! I was SO upset when he called and told me, that I wanted to take the rental car back over to them right then and there before they tried to say I mistreated their vehicle! I was SO upset and tired of getting the run-a-around over this damn vehicle that was blew up and that I still had to make the monthly payment on, that had been sitting over there to the dealership for almost a month now... that I just lost it! I sat on the back porch and just cried my eyes out, and I will never forget my 6 year old son coming and sitting down beside me and patting me on the back and telling me Dont cry mommy, we will get your car fixed... and when I get older Ill go buy you a new, better car!We contacted GM again and told them how the dealership was treating us and that we were SO confused on who was the one that was supposed to be handling this, because were getting told something totally different than what they were telling us! The lady at GM said she would contact the dealership and just to wait on taking the rental car back that day and she would figure out what was going on and get back with us the next day!!! Well that next day came, and Friday (when they told me to bring their car back if I couldnt provide them receipts) and the weekend... and Monday and we STILL never got a call back from the lady at GM nor the dealership! Tuesday evening around 3:30 the dealership calls and says they want their rental car back now! I take the rental car back over to them and at this point Im beyond and over the hill furious!My fiancé and I walk in the service department to give the keys back to the manager and he wants to know if we have those receipts for him!? I explained to him that... No. I did not. I faxed it over to Canedra (the lady handling the case) like I was told to! I started digging in my purse and luckily I still had the receipt in my purse! I gave it to him, and he immediately gets rude and starts shaking his head and tells us That’s unexpectable! We explained to him all the trouble we had went through to try and come up with some receipts where we purchased oil because we change the oil ourselves and we had no luck, but he didnt care one bit! I explained to him that Canedra (at GM) told us that it didnt really matter if we had records or not, so I was confused to as why he was even making such a big deal out of it!His exact words were I dont care who you talked to. One day you can get Shanequa... and the next you could get Tom. You aint talking to the right person, you need to call them and tell them YOU need to talk to someone in the US... because when you call them they’re sending you to someone overseas that dont know what they’re talking about! I told him that we would go out in the parking lot and call them right then and there! He said You need to tell them that they need to contact ME as of last month, because I got your vehicle sitting back there taking up space and we’re about ready to shove it out back! My fiancé and I go straight out into the parking lot and call GM... and OF COURSE we get told Shes not at her desk right now, but Im sending her a message right now to get back with you ASAP! We demanded to speak to someone NOW!My fiancé told her that we we’re standing out front of the dealership and they were needing to know something NOW, as well as us too! After about 10 minutes we finally got through to her! We told her what was going on and asked if she had got the receipt we faxed a week ago?! She told us she did, and that she was going to put us on hold and call the manager there at the service department now! We were on hold forever, and we knew the service station was closing soon so we decided to head back home, and my fiancé phone had went dead anyhow!We get halfway home and after trying to call the lady back 50 times she finally calls us back to tell us that she just spoke with the manager at the service department and he says that there was black sludge in the oil filter, and that we had neglected the vehicle and that was why it was in the shape it was in and the one receipt we had was not enough, so unfortunately they werent going to be able to replace the motor! My fiancé asked her... So even though the vehicle has a recall, or is under some extended warranty due to excessive oil consumption, which has probably led the vehicle to the shape its in, you’re telling me there is absolutely nothing you can do because the manager at the dealership told you we neglected the car and because we could only provide one receipt where we changed the oil???She replied Yes sir unfortunately so... He says there is some kind of black sludge due to not changing the oil, and the one receipt isnt enough proof! My fiancé asked her if there was some kind of law stating that we had to take our vehicles to an actual dealership to have an oil change and get documentation!? And she replied No sir there is no law! We both were just SO upset and mad that he just hung up on her and turned around to head back to the dealerships service station but they had already closed! I just cried the whole way home! Thinking... what am I going to do!? I have no vehicle. I havent had one for a month now. And its all up to me to fix it now! I went and talked to my father about it, because I didnt know what to do and needed his advice since his name was on the loan as well!He advised me to look into the Lemon Law... so I did! In the meantime I called the dealership to ask them where the vehicle was because I needed to have it towed back to the house until I figured out what to do. I didnt know if they still had it in the shop or had already shoved it out back like he said! He told me that yes it out back AND before they could even release the vehicle to us that I needed to take care of my bill for 600 dollars where they tore the motor apart to diagnose the problem and put it back together! Which I wasnt aware of... but he said I was because I signed a paper that stated that! Okay. Not only do I not have a vehicle but I just had to make the monthly payment on it which was 300 dollars but NOW I gotta come up with 600 dollars just to get the keys and have it towed outta there! In the meantime someone contacted me from a law firm through the Lemon Law website I went on!They told me I needed to get all the information on the vehicle and a copy of the warranty and all documentation that the dealership had record of from previous times I had the vehicle to them! So I did... only to get told that where I declined to have the oil consumption diagnostic test done before, that they wouldnt look into my case! What do I do now? My father called over to the dealership to tell them the vehicle was gonna have to sit for a while because I was still trying to come up with the 600 dollars to pay them! He asked them how much it would cost for them to just replace the motor, and for a new motor from GM 2 year warranty I do believe it was going to be around 7 thousand dollars, BUT they called around and found a used one with low mileage for 2,500! As of now mine had around 88,000 miles on it! I put a little 20,000 miles on it from the time I bought it!My father and I decided to just try and pay to have a used motor put in it because there was no way either one of us could come up with 7 thousand dollars for a new motor! We went to the bank where the loan was through and tried to have it refinanced, and get an extra 3000 to get it fixed, and that was a no go! We went to several other places to try and get a loan even just until I got my tax return in a few months and was able to pay it back and nowhere would help us out, as I stated before... My credit is not good, and my father’s debt to ratio was too much! What do I even do now? I’ve been without a vehicle for over a month, still making the payments on it and the motor is blew up, and I cant even get the money to fix it!I was in such a mess over this vehicle and so upset and stressed out on top of other things going on in my life that the only thing I could think of to do is file bankruptcy... So I made an appointment with a lawyer and gathered up all the information I needed to take to my appointment, and one of the things I had to do was get my credit report and write down everything I owed! When I looked at my credit report I noticed that the loan for the vehicle wasnt even showing up, and that was the whole reason I was going to file bankruptcy. Come to find out, my name isnt even on the loan! Just my father’s name. So thats a no go!So NOW it has been almost 2 months since I have been without a vehicle and dealt with all this **, and its still sitting over to the dealership in their building out back, with no way of getting it fixed until February or March when I get my tax return, and this WHOLE mess has now become all on my poor father (which just found out he has skin cancer on his nose) because the vehicle is only in his name! I have never in my life been in such a situation where I feel so helpless and like a total failure! I dont even know what to think, or say or even do about this mess! Im clueless! Thats my experience with GM Motors!
Publicado: November 3, 2017
Erika of Point Pleasant, WV
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I contacted GM motors complaints department many times regarding a cracked
I contacted GM motors complaints department many times regarding a cracked passengers airbag section. The full airbag compartment is cracked perfectly around the bag and my car is showing the sign of service airbag. Clearly this is a manufacturing problem. However, they are refusing to pay the service to check to ensure the airbag is safe. I will hold GM responsible for ANY damage that happens if the airbag inflates for no reason since the compartment is obviously cracked and in a perfect shape around the bag. I am too scared to even have a passenger sit in my car in the front out of fear that it could inflate at anytime with no proper cause. They continually and in writing have refused to pay for the service. They will be paying a whole lot more than $100 if this bag opens up suddenly in my car.ZERO HELP from their staff. You have to contact them multiple times to actually receive a reply. Multiple emails to have someone call you back. They give you their number and extension but NEVER answer their calls. When they call you back if you are not available next to your phone, dont expect them to answer your call back even if its seconds later. NEVER EVER BUYING A GM CAR EVER IN MY LIFE AGAIN. Guaranteed am also telling everyone I know the same. They are great as long as you are signing your cheques over for them, otherwise, NO ONE CARES for your safety or anything else. Am sure this review will also be insignificant to them, but at least if anyone wants to know the truth about them, they can read all the different opinions of real people before deciding.
Publicado: September 16, 2018
Nojwa of Canada
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I brought my 2014 Chevy cruze with less than 8000 miles into the lake Elsin
I brought my 2014 Chevy cruze with less than 8000 miles into the lake Elsinore Chevy dealership service department 31201 auto center drive 9/3/14. I had recently picked up my vehicle from the same service department for a drive train recall. My cruze had been in the service department for roughly 10 weeks and it was shortly after picking it up, experiencing extreme symptoms. Excessive down shifting accompanied with vibration and power failure. A week later I was called and asked to pick up my cruze. I was told the issues could not be identified, addressed and or resolved. That I needed to continue driving until symptoms became more severe. Being uncomfortable driving vehicle in said condition, I contacted GM via email and phone pleading for assistance. After lengthy discussions and numerous denials for relief, it was insisted upon me that I pick up my vehicle. Prior to taking possession on 10/25/14, I opened a claim with GM # ** . Less than a week later on 10/31/14, my vehicle was totaled in a collision. Just as I was experiencing the very symptoms for which my cruze was in service, I could not stop or get out of the way of the brake lights in front of me. On 11/1/14 after contacting my insurance, I contacted GM via phone and email seeking temporary transportation relief while we figure this out. After lengthy discussion and numerous denials for assistance and or relief, I am on my own and left high and dry by GM. To date, I am without a vehicle and cannot generate income. My insurance cannot pay off due to an ongoing investigation. Banks will not back me for an auto loan until my current loan is paid off. As a customer, GM has refused to assist me get into a new vehicle and apparently is content watching me go down financially.DEC. 24, 2014 UPDATE: I am currently seeking legal representation in regards to my previous review about GM. I have documentation detailing their refusal to assist my concerns and forcing me to drive an unsafe vehicle resulting in a collision that totaled my vehicle on 10/31/14. As I stated previously, I dropped off my car with less than 8000 miles at the Lake Elsinore Chevy service department after experiencing complete power failure. My 2014 Chevy Cruze had just recently been in service for 10 weeks for a drive train recall and I had only driven it a short time before experiencing negative symptoms such as excessive vibration and sporadic down shifting escalating to complete power failure. I bought this car in January 2014 and it has been in service for a longer period than in my own drive way. Service tells me they cannot identify the issues and that I need to drive the car further until the symptoms become more severe and to pick up the car. Prior to picking up my car I called GM telling them that the car was unsafe and pleaded for assistance. After two weeks of being assigned to three different case managers it was insisted upon me that I pick up my vehicle and was referred to the advice of the service department. Less than a week later on my way home from work I experienced power failure and slammed into brake lights in front of me. The next day after contacting my insurance company I contacted GM seeking assistance and transportation relief. To date GM has offered no assistance and/or relief and I am stuck with a deductible and no transportation. Prior to picking up my 2014 Cruze and prior to the collision I opened a case with GM of objection #**. As I stated I have documentation of all described and am seeking legal representation to file a negligence case against the dealer and service department and a product liability case against GM. I have not worked and/or generated income since the collision due to lack of transportation. GM has been made aware of my situation and politely refuse to assist me as a customer in any form. After attempting and failing at diplomatic resolution with GM, no choice but to write reviews and let the public know whats going on here. After driving a new car with full coverage insurance, is it really possible to go all the way down financially after a collision because the responsible party refuses to step up and have your back?
Publicado: December 10, 2014
jesse of Lake Elsinore, CA
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2018 Equinox with 1.5 turbo. Purchased July 23rd of 2018. Starting at 6700
2018 Equinox with 1.5 turbo. Purchased July 23rd of 2018. Starting at 6700 miles and 3 months of driving we got check engine light. Well, 3 months, 7000 miles later, 9 repair tickets. Ranging from new intercooler, ECM, Mass AirFlow Sensor, Camshaft Actuator Solenoid, still getting Check Engine Light and Reduced Engine Power message. Been sitting at Rusty Wallace Chevrolet Service Department since January 11th 2019. Today is February 3. Now they are holding on a complete Engine wire harness. GM just offered a replacement and we pay attorney fees. NOT. General Motors does NOT care about customers. I would be surprised if they cared about their employees. Oh wait, they dont. Thats why several U.S.A. PLANTS are closing. Do NOT buy General Motors, they wont help.
Publicado: February 3, 2019
Jamie of Clinton, TN
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Ive had my (purchased brand new in 2016) 2015 GMC Sierra held hostage at th
Ive had my (purchased brand new in 2016) 2015 GMC Sierra held hostage at the local dealership for a total of 38 days so far while GMC makes up their mind to replace or completely rebuild the transmission. The decision has been made to rebuild so I can expect it to be in at least another couple weeks while parts are ordered. Huge inconvenience for my family as we had to cancel a family vacation which required the truck to tow our travel trailer. So far the truck has had 4-5 recalls and warranty replacement of the A/C unit and a radiator. The dealership Shop Manager told me GMC does not care about their customers if they can save themselves a few dollars. This will be the last GM product myself and my business will be purchasing. Go with Toyota if you want a quality product and service. I should never have made the switch. Shame on you GMC...
Publicado: July 19, 2019
Jeff of Langley, BC
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I called over a month ago and have yet to hear back from my (senior adviser
I called over a month ago and have yet to hear back from my (senior adviser). I was told I would get reimbursed for my 2012 Chevy Equinox that is still under warranty. $1036.71. No one want to talk.
Publicado: September 2, 2015
Elvin of Lawrence, MA
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Please all 2016 2018 Chevy Malibu owners please do not drive that car. Redu
Please all 2016 2018 Chevy Malibu owners please do not drive that car. Reduced power motor is a very dangerous situation. GM is not listen. Please people do not drive a car. I just barely made it out alive when it happened to me. Run down the row with 80,000 pounds behind me. No way off the highway but to run down to the ditch.
Publicado: April 12, 2019
Rodney of Tempe, AZ
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I own a 2012 GMC Terrain that is covered by a GMPP. The vehicle is 5 years
I own a 2012 GMC Terrain that is covered by a GMPP. The vehicle is 5 years old and has 28K miles on it. I noticed some mold growing in the carpet. The cause turned out to be a broken drain tube in the sunroof. The GMPP is a bumper to bumper coverage not covering maintenance items or wearables. This part is neither, yet GM refuses to warrant the repair in any way. Anyone who purchases a GM product has rocks in their head. This is my last GM product.
Publicado: May 23, 2017
Randi of Marlton, NJ
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I purchased a 2014 Chevy Equinox on 7/3/14, and traded in my 2012 Equinox f
I purchased a 2014 Chevy Equinox on 7/3/14, and traded in my 2012 Equinox for it. I loved my 2012 and wanted to upgrade from the 4 cyl. to the 6 cyl. Since the purchase date, I have had it in the shop 4 times for the same problem. 3 were with one dealership, the other one with another place to get another opinion. My complaint has been with the steering. It feels loose and non-responsive, and I also experience a terrible groaning noise and vibration at low speeds when making turns, backing out of my driveway, or trying to make normal parking lot maneuvers.On the first visit, they said a bulletin indicated a replacement of the alternator and a hose was necessary to quiet the groaning noise and vibration, so they had to order the parts and they sent me on the way. Within a few days the car was back in, to have those parts replaced. Needless to say that did not remedy the problem. After a short time passed, I took it back in complaining of the same problem. I have argued with the service departments, and begged them to just start changing parts to try and eliminate the issue. They have checked the steering pump, the hoses, the steering rack etc. and always say they cannot find a problem. It was suggested after the 2nd time in the shop, to contact GM customer service to get them involved. So I did. I explained the issue, was told someone would contact me in 24-48 hours, and needless to say, no one contacted me back at that point.For the 3rd visit, I took it to another dealership. Its amazing how everyone can hear the noise and feel the shutter in the steering but each time since the first visit, I get the same story about nothing being wrong. The dealerships say they cant just simply switch out parts that arent defective to try to remedy the steering looseness and the groaning noise. They can only do what GM allows them to do.Before making yet another call to GM and to ensure that I wasnt crazy, I decided to test drive another model just like mine. I did not encounter the same problems in the one I test drove, like I do with my own. And, for yet another opinion, I contacted a family member who also has the same model year as mine, and again she confirmed her vehicle does not have the same issues, but does indeed have its own set of issues with the A/C and safety warning systems.Since nothing came from my 3rd visit, and I could at least challenge that the issues with my vehicle are not normal cause it doesnt happen with others, I made another call to GM, this was 8/27/14. Again I was told my issue would escalated and someone would call me back. I also stopped in to the dealership again, and said I was bringing the vehicle back in, and the noise and shutter were getting worse. They scheduled my appointment for 9/3/14. On 8/28/14 I received a call back from Cecelia. I have never experienced someone so short spoken, heartless and condescending. I argued every point I could with her. Recalling the issues in detail, the conversations I have had with the dealerships, the fact that they say parts cant be replaced unless defective because GM wont let them, the fact that other vehicles like mine do not have the same issue etc. Cecelias response was simple and short You have an appointment with the dealership on 9/3 to diagnose your vehicle. There is nothing else we can do. She didnt care at all about the matter.I dont know how much more effectively I could have communicated that diagnosing the vehicle had been attempted and that I was asking for someone to take ownership in the repair needs and let the dealership start replacing parts. In the end, Cecelia said I am closing your case, and I said that they would hear from my attorney and the media, and she hung up.Today is 9/4/14, and needless to say, I once again got the call from the service dept. saying nothing is wrong, and that they are sorry they cant do anything to help me. On Monday, when the dealership owner returns, I will be working with him to get out of this vehicle and either back into my old Equinox, which they still have and I know I can trust, or finding an entirely different car. I am deeply saddened that I had to experience this trouble. I thought for sure one Equinox to the next, I would love the vehicle the same.I think GM needs to fire Cecelia. I saw another post from someone else complaining about her too. Perhaps she can only do so much, but for her to not even pretend to care about the safety of me and my family (or anyone elses) is inexcusable and makes GM looks even worse.
Publicado: September 4, 2014
sabrina of Platte City, MO
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2015 Yukon rims peeling so bad, theyre not holding air and cant be balanced
2015 Yukon rims peeling so bad, theyre not holding air and cant be balanced. Tried to resolve issue with dealer and customer care and finally a manager with customer care, she was rude, unhelpful. Ive always driving GM. Its disgusting how they treat loyal customers, I filed a complained with BBB and I encourage anyone with the same, because it is a safety issue.
Publicado: February 5, 2020
mason of Calgary, AB
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Chevy Corsa 1.4i, vehicle not repaired properly - I bought a brand new vehi
Chevy Corsa 1.4i, vehicle not repaired properly - I bought a brand new vehicle. Three days later, I contacted the dealer and reported a faulty air con. I straightaway asked for a new car and was told that it has to be repaired and that it was the air con unit box in the dashboard. After a month and a half, I was told my car is ready for collection. On inspection, my fuse box cover was damaged and was replaced by a demo vehicle. The front of my bumper was damaged and had to go to the panel beaters for a re-spray after one of the workshop guys (unprofessional) try to touch it up with paint, causing more damage. After I received it back, I returned it within 24 hours complaining my left mirror cover is not lining up like the right hand side. One of the guys tried to repair it (not the same guy who assembled the job) after I received it back, they broke the right hand side leaving it out of its bracket and a big gap. I was told then, that I must return the vehicle in two weeks when the guy who assembled my car will be back from leave. When I try and put my car in reverse, the gears are scratching badly before it goes in. I feel that my car was not worked on by professional and my life is in danger with the gears scratching believing it might jam while I am driving or leave me stranded.
Publicado: June 30, 2012
Evert of Durban, Other
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After buying my 3rd truck from GM at this point I’m potentially done
After buying my 3rd truck from GM at this point I’m potentially done with them. 2 year old Sierra needed the radiator replaced because of a faulty design which had a hole in the radiator. Dealership told me in exact words that this should not happen on a 2 year old vehicle. GM took over a week to review my case then to call me and explain that no reimbursement would happen because I didn’t leave my vehicle at the dealership until they had a answer. No coverage for the repairs would be happening. So if I had been without a vehicle for over a week waiting for GM they would just of potential offered to cover the repairs.GM customer service called me 4x during the week asking the same questions that were given to them from the initial complaint. I am not someone to expect or ask for assistance but felt it was only right after their only dealership stated this was something that should not be needing to be replaced. I’ve kept up on all maintenance and consistent service records through their dealership. I will be taking my business elsewhere as this company has gotten enough of my business buying 3 trucks over 60k each and they can’t even show any loyalty to a routine repeated customer.
Publicado: January 23, 2022
Brandon of Afton, MN
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Driving 42 Years I have always owned a GM Vehicle. After I finish paying of
Driving 42 Years I have always owned a GM Vehicle. After I finish paying off this 2016 Lacrosse I will never purchase another GM Vehicle again. I took my Car into Elk Grove Buick twice in two weeks suspecting a Transmission problem. They did their little computer check which showed nothing but I was still having the same issues. I took it to a independent service provider DK Automotive 712 E 18th St Antioch, CA 94509 and they listened and found the issue an internal problem with the transmission but they couldnt do the work because its still under the powertrain warranty but they did get in contact with a Chevrolet in Concord CA and I had the car transferred to them and they Concurred With DK after doing their own testing. Spoke with the Dealership today and they wont have the Car ready until Tuesday. Oh I also had to pay DK $150.00 to do the work that Elk Grove Buick should have done. I also was working with ** of GM PH# 866-790-5600 EXT ** who was going along with Elk Grove Buick and was willing to be a go between but wasnt pushing the envelope then had the nerve to tell me today that at least we found the issue. No (I) with my persistence, Footwork, and money found the issue. She also told me the rental Im forced to drive is not covered because its not a GM vehicle and they only cover three days of rental even though its taking more than three days to fix the vehicle. So Im done with GM. They just Kicked a long time customer to the curb.
Publicado: September 19, 2018
Sterling of Sacramento, CA
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My 2011 Traverse has had many service issues and been unreliable. The local
My 2011 Traverse has had many service issues and been unreliable. The local dealer has had an unhelpful and cavalier attitude at best. I have had warranty work 4 times and a recall once in 3 years 9 months. It is in its 3rd water pump. I have 85,000 km on the vehicle (52,000 miles). I asked the agent if he used an upgraded water pump since they were prone to failure. He said he did not know and that they were not prone to failure. (It is all over the internet - they leak from the shaft seal. Both mine did. It is unreasonable to expect to have to replace it every 2 years).I have lost many (uncompensated) days use of this vehicle waiting for warranty work. (The last time the pump went on June 26 & the dealer would not even look at it till July 6. I was vehicleless the entire time. The dealer does not provide a replacement until after they confirm warranty work is needed but then do not look to confirm such for many days). The first time I was vehicleless it was for several days too but I cannot confirm for how many. I have had other issues and now I am just frustrated.
Publicado: July 7, 2015
Brad of Langley, BC
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Cadillac Cue System started going out when vehicle was two years old. Now i
Cadillac Cue System started going out when vehicle was two years old. Now it is completely dead. Which means my car is essentially brain dead. Any google search of Cadillac Cue will come up forum upon forum of people who have had the same issue, but GM will not recall this component. They want $1600 to replace a $100 touchscreen. Will never buy another GM product, nor will I recommend one to anyone I know for this problem alone. GM does not stand behind their products.
Publicado: May 23, 2018
Shelly of Bedford, TX
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I own a 2 year old Buick Envision. I heard a noise coming from under the ve
I own a 2 year old Buick Envision. I heard a noise coming from under the vehicle at only 7k miles. The dealership and GM continually told me nothing was wrong. I did not give up. It took months but they finally determined there was a loose baffle in the exhaust. They finally replaced the exhaust. Dealing with them was extremely difficult. Very recently when leaving for vacation with bikes mounted on the back of the vehicle the car battery was dead. Nothing was left on and the vehicle is supposed to be protected from accessories remaining on and draining the battery. Again, GM is not standing behind the vehicle. The dealerships have prepared or canned answers for everything as to avoid making good on the warranty. As a professional buyer and car enthusiast I cannot recommend anyone buy a GM vehicle. You will not have the warranty you think you have and the vehicles experience more problems than other cars.
Publicado: August 10, 2021
Thomas of Newark, DE
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Worst car ever bought. I bought a brand new 2018 Terrain about 4 month ago
Worst car ever bought. I bought a brand new 2018 Terrain about 4 month ago and it has a weird noise in the transmission and the dealership and GM say they cant do anything about it. Would never recommend. I really regret buying a GM vehicle.
Publicado: December 23, 2018
Alex of Laredo, TX
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I called GM customer service to get an understanding to why the 2003 Pontia
I called GM customer service to get an understanding to why the 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix have not been recalled. My ignition cylinder, ignition switch & wiring had to be replaced, the wiring had melted which could have resulted in a fire. I expressed this with the customer service, moreover the overwhelming complaints found on the internet. The best they could do was note it in their computer system and IF they decided to recall the year I would be notified. It is a sad and sick day when a company who is already being sued for not acknowledging safety issues previously will continue to turn a blind eye to such a massive issue. It says a lot about how much they value business and safety of their products and customers.
Publicado: September 10, 2014
Huldah of Akron, OH
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My timing chain needs replacing on My 2009 CTS. The code indicated the fail
My timing chain needs replacing on My 2009 CTS. The code indicated the failure at 93,000.00. The car was properly maintained so I was surprised at this. In researching this I found it is a common known problem with the 3.6 for many models and years. GM refused to have a recall and chose a warranty extension on a few vehicles by VIN number, but left the majority of their customers stuck with $1,000.00 to $1,800.00 bill depending on where it is repaired. I have always supported GM with half of my family having worked for them. I will NEVER buy another GM vehicle, and will discourage all my clients, (approx 1000) and social media followers, another 1200 from trusting GM again. They are unethical.
Publicado: August 10, 2018
David of Bay City, MI
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I am writing this complaint as I am very disappointed the way my whole purc
I am writing this complaint as I am very disappointed the way my whole purchase and ownership experience. I feel that a profit motivation has ruled the decision making process and customer service non existent. Firstly at the purchase of our 2012 Chevrolet Cruz, one major significant item was not offered and when we became aware of this item we were told it was too late. Then on the first trip we hit a pothole and damaged two tires. No problem, we have warranty. But even the dealership gave us the vehicle with three tires with a maximum of 21 PSI 2 at 18. We paid for this as no one was responsible. We noticed on the side mirror at the outset what we perceived to be polish dust. Upon the initial washing we became aware that it was actually a defect. We drove to the dealership only to be told we will sort it out. However, after repeated complaints we were told it was never written down and you now are out of warranty. GM in their infinite wisdom agreed and refused to change them. Managers looking at the mirrors have said off the record that it is definitely a flaw, but I guess in this experience it will be up to us to solve it. Other items which were not on the warranty. Replace the brake disk and the pads at 30,000 KM (As a former Rally racer this is absurd). The air conditioning works poorly to say the least, even I had to pay to change to replace all the filters. There is a power surge from the gearbox at gear change - still unresolved but we are out of warranty.I worked at GM and this is something I never saw from a quality perspective. I am also a second generation GM owner as my father lived and breathed GM and owned GM cars for approximately fifty years. At this point Big Brother and its profits have lost a customer and I will never consider a GM product again. I can assure you I will expound my experiences to prospective buyers as well. I have never favored Lemon Laws but I now realise that they have a place and are needed to protect customers. Thank you for reading.
Publicado: July 24, 2015
Alan of San Agustin Etla, Other
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In Oct 2013, my wife and I purchased a new 2013 Sonic sedan. A few months l
In Oct 2013, my wife and I purchased a new 2013 Sonic sedan. A few months later it developed a creaking noise in the steering at low speeds as well as a scrunching noise in the rear when sitting in the car each time. The dealer tried unsuccessfully to fix it on several occasions in which the car spent about 6 weeks at the dealership. They swapped out parts from other cars, replaced new parts; all unsuccessful. After owning the car for 6 months I had had enough so I traded it on a 2014 Sonic (what a mistake). The scrunching noise in the rear started soon after. But as winter set in 7 months after buying it, the creaking noise started in the newest car. Again the dealer attempted to fix it, telling me it was cured. But when I picked up the car the noise was still present. Again this car spent several weeks at the dealership - finally my car was dropped back off for the last time; creaking still there. GM customer service had been following the issue. I called the dealership and GM, told them the noise was still there. A few weeks went by and today GM call center called and explained that they could not fix the issue and that the creaking noise was a normal characteristic of the car and they would no longer try to fix this issue. I have never been so frustrated.
Publicado: July 8, 2015
John of West Bay Rd, NS
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So bought a 2011 Cruze 1.4 used. It had only 29000 miles so I thought what
So bought a 2011 Cruze 1.4 used. It had only 29000 miles so I thought what could possible go wrong with purchasing such a low mileage automobile. Well little did I know this first year production in the US would be a bad thing for this car. The engine eats water pumps to the tune of 3 since new, and then it also has used up 2 turbos as well. A case of poor design I guess on both, and yet customer service does very little but stroke you into thinking they care and issuing you a fancy customer service ticket. As if they will get these problems resolved for you ASAP. Yea, wishful thinking if you think GM will do this for you. I dont know which has turned me off of GM more, their poorly built automobiles or their terrible customer service. But lets not blame the local dealer here, who faces warranty rejection on claims not approved by GM. So they have little recourse too but to do what GM instructs them too. I definitely will never give GM any more of my business as long as I live. Consider yourself lucky if you get a reliable GM products.
Publicado: May 3, 2017
John of Mount Morris, IL
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I have seriously dangerous electrical issues since I purchased this 2018 Eq
I have seriously dangerous electrical issues since I purchased this 2018 Equinox. GM claim they dont have a fix for the electrical issues. When I lift my foot off brake several sensors come on as well as door locks unlock and relock. The vehicle jerk forward or rolls backwards when foot is removed from brake. I have no choice but drive it as it is my only source of transportation. Lemon law attorneys are only concerned about getting their fee and GM offer to buy back with drastic deductions for depreciation for a few thousand dollars when my car loan was 25,000 plus thousands still owed. I would review with half star or less.
Publicado: February 23, 2022
Alyce of Kansas City, MO
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GM customer care and service department are awful. On May 20th, I purchased
GM customer care and service department are awful. On May 20th, I purchased a 2016 Camaro 2SS with 2700 miles on it. By May 30th it was acting up and in the shop for warranty work. It is now June 16th, and the dealership still has my car. And that is GMs fault. After a week the dealership was stumped and began requesting assistance from GM. After two weeks of still being stumped, the dealership began requesting a field engineer, since they had not been able to diagnose the issue in over two weeks. GM will not give them an answer.Its a less than one year old car with 2700 miles on it and its been in the shop now for three weeks straight and counting, dont you think at this point its an issue worth expediting? Its not an old car. It has very low mileage and should not have any issues. Its an almost $50,000 car for goodness sake. But in GM fashion they wont move until my attorney contacts them about a lemon law suit, and a civil suit for car payments, registration, taxes, loss of use, and being overall terrible to work with. Oh well, I guess GM doesnt care about another lemon on their record and another lawsuit lost.
Publicado: June 16, 2017
Alex of Bangor, ME
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Horrible service, will never own another GM motor. I own 1 now and has been
Horrible service, will never own another GM motor. I own 1 now and has been in the shop over 6 times. No one will return my phone call, GM will lose connection when Im on the phone and never return my call. Ive left over 3 voicemails. Terrible dealership too!
Publicado: January 14, 2015
Wesley of Driftwood , TX
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Duramax LML injector pump failure - Metal shavings went through the fuel sy
Duramax LML injector pump failure - Metal shavings went through the fuel system. I need to replace all fuel lines and injectors along with the pump. Chevy says this is not common but the diagnosis is in their helm service manual. I took the injector pump apart and found that pistons in the pump can rotate, causing the roller bearing to cross the cam. That’s what makes the shavings. Bosch, the manufacturer of the pump, said its a GM design. I just want a better pump. The new pump is made the same as old one. $13,500.00 repair bill; help. Its GM and Bosch’s fault. I find it unacceptable. Someone is going to deal with this because Im going to keep making people aware. Thanks.
Publicado: October 17, 2012
Matt of Mandeville, LA
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I am contacting you in reference to my vehicle. Unfortunately the service m
I am contacting you in reference to my vehicle. Unfortunately the service manager William has showed and made it very clear he does not want to service my vehicle at all. He told me that he did not know 100% what was wrong with my car unless they tear it down and that his techs dont want to do that and he dont want to pay them to do it. I had took my car to a front end specialist and got a second opinion and they suggested struts and strut mounts. He told me that if my warranty cover my struts, he would have them changed and I was going to pay for the strut mounts to be put on, which he said would be an extra $56. He also stated I needed a timing belt which is going bad for the second time around. I know when I bring my vehicle in, the parts that I am told are bad are covered under my warranty. He told me my warranty denied my struts but when I called come to find out, they never mentioned the struts at all being needed to repair. He also made a big deal about my warranty not covering my timing belt and they do, its in black and white and plus I asked them myself. Well, he called my warranty and told them that I dont need any struts and there is nothing wrong with my timing belt so they could block my repairs and he did not have to pay the techs out his pocket to do the work. I always come there for service to my vehicle from oil changes I paid for on up. I have never had to fight and bicker to get my car serviced there before at all. This unprofessional matter and stunt he pulled was uncalled for, all he keeps doing is wanting me to come out my pocket for repairs. Why should I if I have a warranty to pay for the labor and repairs? He tells me if they pull my front end apart, I will have to pay the tech out my pocket to do it. I am past fed up with his attitude and unwillingness to repair my vehicle. On top of that, lying to my warranty company so they can block the repairs so I can pay for them myself and basically, his way to show me that he is not going to fix my car and he is not going to let his tech either. Timing belt is a major repair issue. This is my only mode of transportation and for him to lie about it so he want have to do anything to my car - WOW. I have never seen this type of service before at all. If I know my parts are not under warranty, I would not bring my car in to have techs fix it when I know they have to be paid. Plus, warranty cover labor and parts and all this service manager does is throw in my face about he not going to pay the techs and someone has to pay the techs and he not paying them out his pocket. Customer service should be this service manager main priority and not how much money you can spend for parts that are all ready under warranty, makes no sense at all. Stop throwing temper tantrums when its work that need to be done and you dont want to do it. Its part of your job to work and make sure the customer car does not leave the same way it came in, which mine has every time I took it in to be serviced. This is not the first time I have had to get my front end looked at. One time they charged my warranty people and come to find out when I got the car back same way it went in. No work was done to my vehicle at all. The tech admitted that he never changed anything on my car that he had another car like mine and did that work to it. This service department and service manager are very unprofessional and wants to take the easy way out of things. Then he told me that he can spray some lubrication on the parts and that will take care of the noise as well as how my main concern should not be the noise, it should be the oil leak that I have never seen in my drive way - which is more than likely from my cover gaskets I paid out my pocket to have changed.
Publicado: December 2, 2014
Shillana of Port Arthur, TX
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This truck has been in the shop multiple times, the mirror failed and folde
This truck has been in the shop multiple times, the mirror failed and folded in while I was driving down the hi-way. They will not warranty it, the back up sensor did not work and I hit my bumper, they will not warranty it but thats how you know they are not working. You hit something as they say at the dealership. This truck is a 70,000 dollar paperweight. They do not stand behind their products at all. Its all junk. Ill definitely be buying a Ford.
Publicado: October 7, 2019
Brandon of Paola, KS
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Own 3 Chevy Sonics. 2014 I bought mine, loved it so much we bought our 2 ch
Own 3 Chevy Sonics. 2014 I bought mine, loved it so much we bought our 2 children one each in 11/16. In Jan of this year (2018) our sons car burnt up while it was parked and ignition was off for at least an hour. No modifications were made to this car. Fire department, and insurance company both said that the fire started under the hood. We called GM immediately. It took over 3 1/2 months for GM to even send anyone to look at it and it was after the insurance company had to threaten them. I went back to dealership, and was told that the car was still under factory warranty and they should have investigated it as soon as it happened. The GM investigator that did speak to me was rude and told me (3 months after the fire), I am sure the car has been scrapped for metal by now...which it had not been. He also said Well we dont know that the car catching on fire was fault due to the motor...and I replied You wouldnt know cause you sent no one out. On April 3, 2018 I emailed our insurance company and they said that GM would have a decision in 2 weeks. I have requested a status regularly and it has been 7 months with no response as in no call, email or letter from GM. All I asked was that they stand by their warranty. I understand that to GM this is a game of corporate bullying. They have no interest in providing a valid service to their customers. Their mission statement We at GM make a strong commitment to our customers, employees, partners, and other important stakeholders. They continue to promote that they are guided by five principles including Safety and Quality first...Create Lifelong Customers. GM has demonstrated to me that they do not stand by their product or their mission. GMs only mission is to serve themselves at the expense of their customers. I will never buy a GM vehicle again.
Publicado: July 20, 2018
Deonne of Munford, AL
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It was the most painful experience. Not only are the representatives unprof
It was the most painful experience. Not only are the representatives unprofessional they are pathetic liars. GM does not stand behind their product. I just had my motor rebuilt due to a manufacturer defect and poor engine design. My car is less than 3 yrs old with less than 50k miles. All scheduled maintenance has been preformed. They should be ashamed at how they treat their loyal customers. They claim that repairs are necessary, well thats an understatement. Nothing but the run around with everyone at GM giving you a different excuse at the horrible quality of their product. Complaints fall on deaf ears & trying to get the senior adviser ** to actually call you back was the icing on the cake. She has to be the utmost unprofessional person I have yet to talk to. Filed complaint on 3/4 & its the 16th still nothing. Unfortunate circumstances and even more unfortunate behavior from GM. Pathetic!!
Publicado: March 17, 2015
tricia of Billerica, MA
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Service center completely scammed me. If I could give it a zero I would. To
Service center completely scammed me. If I could give it a zero I would. Took my car in a year ago because it was stalling. They said they fixed it for $400 which some was covered under warranty. They replaced timing chain and gaskets. Still stalling so recently I had aftermarket solenoids put in. It was still stalling and check engine light came. Took it to Gordon’s and John ** told me it would be $542 and that’s it’s because I had aftermarket solenoids. I was hesitant, but he convinced me it would be running good after. Next day he calls me and tells me it will be over $1400. But at this point they already changed the solenoids and that didn’t work. They misdiagnosed the problem. I tell them forget it and pick up my car. On the work order for the 1400 they have timing chain, gaskets and actuator. The same things they supposedly fixed a year ago. They still charged me $500 for the solenoids. Paid $500 for absolutely nothing and check engine lights still on. Nothing fixed for $500. I will be putting in a complaint through the state of Michigan. We actually have also talked to our cousin who is a lawyer. I feel like they took advantage of me because I am a woman. Also when I questioned him he hung up on me!
Publicado: January 19, 2019
Mariah of Canton, MI
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I purchased a 2012 Chevy Sonic in 2012 and this was my husband and I first
I purchased a 2012 Chevy Sonic in 2012 and this was my husband and I first vehicle from GM. We were excited to have gotten our very first vehicle and I thought we were getting a good car. In 2013, we were in the process of moving and expecting another child and we received a recall letter in the mail. In March of this year, we took our car to the dealer and suddenly we have a leak with oil and we had no oil. We were able to get a rental car for a little over a week. Last week I was driving my car to the train station and car begins to shake and I wasnt able to accelerate and operate my car. I usually get on the expressway with my daughter every morning and thank God this didnt happen on the expressway because I could have gotten in a serious car accident. Im very unsatisfied with this vehicle and I dont feel safe at all. Now, its been a week and I was told its a trans problem but they will have to see what happened to cause the trans to go out. I dont believe this will be the only issue that will come up and I dont want to find out what else is going to go wrong. We have a high interest rate and Im starting to feel this was just a bad deal altogether.
Publicado: July 9, 2015
Angela of Hammond, IN
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I purchased 2011 Equinox Dec. 2010 new with 65 miles on it. It has been in
I purchased 2011 Equinox Dec. 2010 new with 65 miles on it. It has been in the shop for repairs ten times from Feb. 2011 to Mar 2014. Engine problems (twice) same thing, transmission, air conditioning, seat belts. All was under warranty. Recently, my Equinox was hit by another car. It was hit on the driver side, front wheel and front. The body shop quoted a price of $8,400 for repairs. It ended up $9,633. The body shop had my vehicle for almost a month to repair. The second day, after I picked it up from the shop, the engine light came on. I took it back to the body shop. They had to take it to a GM shop to run a diagnostic test which they charged $97.00 which I paid. The #2 coil needed replacing. They said this was not covered under my 100,000 mile power train. They are saying this was not related to the accident. NOT A HAPPY PERSON HERE. I have bought 3 other GM cars. No problems. I thought that if you bought a vehicle new, you would have only basic minor problems. I have 76,425 miles on my vehicle and it should be worth about $14,000 to $17,000. Once this vehicle is repaired, Im trading it.. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER GM CAR. I WILL BUY NISSAN, FORD, OR TOYOTA. YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER.
Publicado: May 23, 2014
Altoona of Ardmore, PA
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I bought my 2013 Malibu in 2014 with 30,000 miles on it. While still under
I bought my 2013 Malibu in 2014 with 30,000 miles on it. While still under warranty I had ALL 4 hub bearings go bad which were NOT covered under warranty although a known issue. I had to replace camshaft actuator and exhaust manifold sensor. At the time they were also not covered but NOW there is a recall. Now with 109,000 miles I am replacing timing chain and ALL internal parts like guides and tensioners. $2100 job not covered and GM stated on recorded call that it is out of warranty and has too many miles. They also stated that this is not a known issue (although I was told otherwise by GM service tech) and I should consider replacing the engine at a cost of $3900! GM will do NOTHING to assist in repair costs and will NEVER take responsibility for selling crap cars to who USE TO BE loyal owners. I guarantee you my next car in 5 months will be a Honda. Hey GM execs... I hope you go belly up and cant find a job and wind up on welfare as punishment for taking advantage of buyers who DEPEND on their car and the company they buy it from.
Publicado: August 11, 2018
Sean of Cincinnati, OH
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I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 and generally love the truck. However I recent
I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 and generally love the truck. However I recently noticed clearcoat is peeling all around truck. This is abnormal. Professional paint shop says faulty paint job. Dealer says they wont help. GM customer service says not their problem. This is not right. It clearly is a manufacturer issue that Im sure others are experiencing. I would like help from GM but nothing. I had 1997 Sierra with perfect paint to day I sold it. Ive had and have 2 Buick Enclaves with no issues. This is a Silverado issue that GM and dealers not standing behind. Beware.
Publicado: July 29, 2020
William of Marshall, MI
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I bought a new 2006 Chevy Express Van. It had all the features that I neede
I bought a new 2006 Chevy Express Van. It had all the features that I needed for selling at the flea market. After a few years the paint on the front started to peel. My friend had a 2008 and his did also that is on the hood. I went to the dealer in Punta Gorda and he said they could do nothing. On the way to see them I saw a 3rd one with the same problem. Since this time I have seen at least 150 Vans (different years) with the same problem. I was told dirt got under the paint causing the paint to bubble then peel. This is what the dealer said. I have peeling on the back and side also. I notice that it bubbles first then the bubble breaks and then it starts to peel. I had an item fall against my fender and chip the paint. It has not peeled nor bubble in that area.
Publicado: September 3, 2014
Robert of Englewood, FL
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I wanted a taller vehicle and I like the 2003 GMC Envoy. I am tall and I re
I wanted a taller vehicle and I like the 2003 GMC Envoy. I am tall and I really enjoy how easy it is to get in and out of. I also liked the price they were asking for it. I also favor GMC automobiles, I know they are dependable. This is the first SUV that have ever owned and I love it! I highly recommend this type of vehicle. I like the way it drives, the color and it isnt bad on gas. I also like the fact my heat blows hot as soon as I start my GMC. But I would make the leather seats heated. I have interior lights on floor in both front and back.
Publicado: June 24, 2018
Dawn of Johnson City, TN
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