water heater unit repair

water heater unit repair
water heater unit repair

Are you looking for a water heater unit repair. Get end to end water heater services from a simple repair or a new water heater installation. Our technicians are able to repair or install your water heater in a quick and cost effective manor.

If your future plans include a new water heater, trust the Appliance Helper experts. Our trusted team of expert technicians are located near you and are ready to help local homeowners with all their water heater and home appliance needs. We will help you when you are looking for a water heater unit repair.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for a water heater unit repair
  • Choice - You can choose from big brand names or house brands that come with added value.
  • Flexibility - Accommodating payment plans that can limit the financial disruption of unexpected home repairs.
  • Peace of mind - Know that you're getting the best value for your investment. Our quality standards are second to none and our services set industry standards.
  • Partnership - We don't just work for you, we partner with you. All our technicians have longstanding relationships with customers across the country.
  • Transparency - If you need a repair or new dishwasher, our technicians can show you exactly why. We're committed to customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

Give us a chance and use our water heater repair and installation services. Call us today for help when you are looking for a water heater unit repair.

Water Heater Mechanics install, maintain, and repair water heater systems. As an Water Heater technician, you may find a specialty in one sector, but you are not limited. Water Heater mechanics are licensed to work in residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as needed.

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Product Reviews:

My father purchased a Bosch tankless water heater about 18 months ago. He had a professional plumber install the tank to the specifications that the factory mandates. The unit never did work properly. After hours on the phone with tech support listening to every reason in the book why it wasn't "their" fault , and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on a plumber they still will not honor their warranty and replace the unit. The problem with the unit is that whenever you turn on the cold water to make the water warm instead of scalding, the heater shuts off completely leaving you with ice cold water. The factory techs tell us that there is not enough water coming into the unit. Ok easy fix right "just tell us how much water is required". O wait the "tech" isn't allowed to suggest anything like that. My father is so frustrated he wants to take the unit outside and shoot it with a rifle. If there is a class action we want in!!!!!! Bosch aquastar gwh1600 garbage

Jason West Virginia

I was and am still using my 4 gal under sink Bosh unit but 4 gal wasn't enough. Put this 12 gal baby right behind sink in another room and piped it all through both water heaters and now have 16 gal instant hot water. Would highly recommend this water heater. Just hope it lasts.

Bruce L.

After 31 years of use, I just replaced my Reliance 40 gal Model 501 gas water heater. It was still working fine but I noticed a small amount of water under the heater and I felt that a new heater would provide hotter water. The original heater had a 3 year warranty and sold for $178! Reliance made an incredible product... I hope the new one that replaced it is half as good.

D. of Placentia, CA

We recently had our 2nd Bradford White water heater installed. The old one lasted 20+ years and was still working. We decided it should be replaced before something else happened so it made sense to get another one when the contractor, Service First in Newtown, PA, recommended it. Love that they're American made.

Mike of Morrisville, PA

So far so good. Semi difficult install as some of the fittings required adapters to work with a standard water heater setup. Nothing several trips to the hardware store couldn't solve. Unit did not fire up the first time after install. Error 11 came on even though the unit had gas water and power. Opened the unit up and found that the AC converter had fallen lose and disconnected. Also a pipe was loose. Once these were fixed it fired right up.


Carrier offers boilers with efficiency ranges from 80% AFUE to 90% AFUE*. Carrier is a popular name known for air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces but Carrier offers other types of HVAC products including Carrier hot water boilers in indoor air quality products that compliment Carriers other HVAC products.


I installed this unit on a Sunday in about 4 hours and I'm slow. I replacement a 55 gallon tank heater. Pulling wires took most of time because there are 3 of them and they are pretty fat. Mounting and hook up was straight forward. There are many installation videos on YouTube that are helpful. Don't even touch your electrical panel unless you have experience, electricity is an invisible assassin. Once fired up I set temp at 114 degrees. This is sufficient for my wife and daughter with their crazy hot showers. Didn't notice a difference in time it takes for water to get hot at spout. Several months use, still no complaints.

BD Marsh

My water heater burner went out after just over 3 years caused the pilot to go out. I was worried that although all parts were covered for 12 years and labor for only 3 and the labor would be very expensive. When I called and told them about the problem they said the part was covered and would ship it next day air but 10 minutes later another rep called and said they would cover the labor as well and to check a nearby service company as they might have the part in stock. Long story short without having to scream and yell my problem was corrected within 8 hours and all I have to do is drop off the new burner at the service company when it arrives. I have been lucky and haven't had many warranty problems in my life but none that I have had have been resolved so painlessly. I will never buy anything but Whirlpool from this day forward. Thank you Whirlpool.

Dino of Martinez, CA

My husband and I installed this ourselves. We went from an electric 50 gallon water heater to this. First, I did a lot of research, looked up the codes in our county and city and made a plan. I bought this tankless water heater in the summer, It took me several months to install as I had to remodel the room it was going into first. The hardest part was cutting a hole through some bricks to make sure the venting would fit everything else was pretty easy. I just ran a gas line and ordered the proper venting. The water lines were pretty much where they needed to be. Once all the lines were in place the heater went up in a day. We have been using the heater for about a month now. The outside temp got down to the teens for a few weeks. I can honestly say I love the heater. I do not have to worry about saving any hot water for my husbands shower because there is a never ending supply. We had people over and they also enjoyed the ability to shower without waiting for the water to heat up. The guest shower is a little farther from the heater and they did say the faucet took a little longer to demonstrate the change in temp. Not sure if that is due to the heater or the faucet. My kitchen is the farthest from the heater and it does take a couple minutes to get hot water to the faucet. I have found that if I rinse the dishes with hot water, then the dishwasher has plenty of hot water. My gas bill did not go up much over the last month (it was a lot colder and the increase could have been from the house heater). I have not gotten an electric bill yet but I bet it will be way less. The heater is not even as loud as my washer or dryer, so I am not sure why others have said it was loud. I will never go back to a tank system.

Roylene Rangel

Navien is a solid choice when it comes to tankless water heaters. Their units are manufacturered by a company that takes pride in quality, design, and user friendliness. In fact, there's no shortage of satisfied customers!


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