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Danby Secadoras
Danby Secadoras

Danby Secadoras

Secadoras apilables y portátiles para condominios, apartamentos, casas de campo y casas pequeñas. Resistente y silenciosa, con una capacidad de lavado de hasta 13,2 libras.

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Danby Secadoras

Product Reviews:

Very pleased with this dryer. I wanted a dryer mainly to use in the winter
Very pleased with this dryer. I wanted a dryer mainly to use in the winter when hanging outdoors is not ideal but I didn't want a big dryer. This fits perfectly in an unused corner. Took it on its inaugural spin tonight and it worked perfectly - towels fluffy and dry in about an hour on high. One thing to note if anyone is getting the indoor vent: make sure you get the right size. I went with the one recommended here with the "bought together" feature and it turns out it was too big. Luckily I had someone to put a dryer vent in, but if this is your plan make sure you get the right one.
Published: November 3, 2017
Thorny Tea Queen
Source: amazon.com

This little dryer is tougher than it looks. It goes hand in hand with my 1.
This little dryer is tougher than it looks. It goes hand in hand with my 1.0 Haier washer. Everything comes out dry and not wrinkled. I did have one issue when I first used the washer. It made a metal scuffing sound that was horrible. It might have occurred during shipping.There is a vertical bracket at the back that holds the drum. Three screws on the top and three on bottom. Once I figured out which way the bracket needed to move I put a little rubber shim (3 mm maybe) at the top bracket and the dryer is as quiet as big fan fan. So far no dust issues. It does throw heat but I use air conditioning so it is not an issue. My set up is in my washroom. As far as buying a thing to catch the lint I would skip it. The venting pipes provided are tiny and they can be hidden nicely. I'm not sure yet if it is a good or bad idea but I put a sock over the end to catch any fine particles of lint. My only complaint is I wish it had a High heat setting of say 20 minutes just to dry a towel after a shower or whatever. So far it looks like you need to turn the dial way around 10 like 100 minutes or so to get high heat. I am still experimenting so maybe there is a better way to get high heat for a short period of time. Update-This little dryer is still going strong. It dries clothes so quick the dryer sometimes shuts off it gets so hot (Safety Feature). Besides the hiccup it had at the beginning with the drum rubbing its perfect for a couple people. I still have a sock on the end of the exhaust vent and I notice no noticeable change in the amount of dust, I would say minimal.
Published: August 28, 2015
Rick P
Source: amazon.com

Impressive heat from such a small machine, motor seems to have good torque
Impressive heat from such a small machine, motor seems to have good torque too. Quick set-up, just a few screws to attach the included vent hood. Delivery was amazingly efficient and shipped from Scarborough, Ontario so no additional import fees. The machine has no handles, so to unbox it without destroying the shipping materials that you may need again, break the carton from the bottom and fold the flaps up, then pull the carton up. Panda was quick to replace the first defective unit I received via fedex priority. The lint trap also needed replacement and again Panda was fast at sending a new one. Really great service and the dryer is a workhorse. For sterilization purposes I was curious to know what peak temperature was, so I put a thermometer/hygrometer in line with the exhaust hose. Seeing it hit over 130F was a pleasant surprise - see attached image. The machine has an internal temperature shutoff mechanism, if it runs too hot it will turn off and stay that way until it's back to a safe level to run. This has made me wonder if the unit died more than once. I've learned to just leave it ready to run and it goes back to work in about 20 minutes or so.
Published: July 19, 2016
J - Impressive for its size, over 130F heat
Source: amazon.com

To any naysayers I must say you are not using the dryer properly. I purchas
To any naysayers I must say you are not using the dryer properly. I purchased this dryer and have been using it for a few weeks now and I LOVE IT! Obviously you cannot overload it and expect it to dry. The clothes need to be able to move freely to allow the air to circulate. This is the same with any other dryer of any size. Secondly if you took the time to look at the timer the setting from 200 minutes to 120 minutes is HOT temperature and from 120 minutes to 20 minutes is WARM temperature and 20 minutes to off is COOLDOWN. The timing on the left showing 0 to 80 minutes is for simple air drying used for anything that is just slightly wet or delicate and so is also a LOWER temperature. There is also a push button for high or low. I have it set to high. If you start your clothes at the 200 minute mark and then check them after a bit (1/2 hour to 45 min.) you will find that they do dry in the same time as a regular dryer. The dryer can be stopped at any time simply by opening the door. The timer can easily be reset to cooldown if wanted but I have not had to do that as none of the clothes, towels, bedding, jackets etc. that I have dryed have been wrinkled coming out. I only attached the elbow to the vent and turned it sideways to vent into the room. I simply turn off my heat and let the dryer heat the room. In the summer I will simply open the windows. The lint filter works fantastic and I have not had ANY dust or lint flying around the room. The lint filter is not difficult to clean at all and needs to be cleaned after EVERY USE because it is so efficient. The first section of the filter the lint just comes off. For the second part of the filter I highly recommend using a lint brush. Do not use the cheap tape ones but use the wand style that has the soft velvet bristles. Works like a charm. I HIGHLY recommend this dryer.
Published: March 9, 2019
Source: amazon.com

I am the type of person who likes to read reviews on items before I buy the
I am the type of person who likes to read reviews on items before I buy them, I noticed there were not many good reviews for this dryer so if there are any others out there like me, here you go! I love this dryer, I was a little bummed it wasn't on prime, but the shipping price isn't so bad. I searched for quite a few dryers similar to this and they are at least 150 dollars more than this one, the Avaya dryer is very similar to this dryer and many of the reviews stated there was a loud screeching noise when they used their dryer, I have not had this problem with the Panda dryer when it is loaded properly, if you overload it, you will get a high pitched noise. I have the Panda portable washer that holds about 5.5 pounds of clothes so i can do about two loads in the washer and put both in the dryer and it works fine. It does take awhile to dry, but it's better than the 2 days of air drying and now my clothes aren't all scratchy and rough from air drying. No laundry hook ups? hate the laundry mat? I don't think you can go wrong with this dryer. The only downside to this review is i haven't received my electric bill yet to determine how much this will cost me, but other reviews for the Avaya dryer said it didn't raise it too much, so we will see.
Published: July 16, 2017
Veggie Man
Source: amazon.com

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