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furnace contractors
furnace contractors

Are you looking for some furnace contractors. The Appliance Helper techs can install brand new high efficiency furnace or service and repair an existing furnace to keep you and your family warm.

The Appliance Helper technicians have years of furnace know how, they offer the best in furnace service. Our expert technicians have repaired and installed numerous furnaces for all types of homes and business's. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with top rated professional service. We will help you when you are looking for some furnace contractors.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for some furnace contractors.
  • On time for scheduled appointments
  • Thorough in our work and show craftsmanship every time
  • Well groomed and clean appearance
  • Honest
  • Respectful to you and your home
  • Competitively priced

We have extensive furnace repair and installation experience. We excel at anything furnace. Call us today for help when you are looking for some furnace contractors.

A qualified furnace technician is a technician who installs, maintains, and repairs furnaces, and heating systems that control the temperature and air quality in buildings.

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Product Reviews:

I have had a Daikin furnace for four years now. I’ve always taken care of the furnace by having it checked and maintained annually. I also replace the filters after every eight weeks. The furnace has never failed and is always reliable even at the worst weather. My current technician tells me that the installers did a good job. The noise level is barely noticeable. I would recommend the Daikins Furnace to everyone.

pickhvac.com Phoenix, AZ

I purchased this furnace a little over a year ago. I first disliked how expensive it was, but the salesman assured me that it would be good for a split level house. However, this is not so; it barely regulates the air in my basement. I have not had to repair it though.

pickhvac.com Edmonton

I am so angry at my husband for purchasing this model. The power vent motor in this furnace died in less than a year of use and three months later I was required to change the ignitor and gas valve. It seems like everything is wrong with this Ducane. It vibrates and sounds like a train when on. When I called the technician about the issues, they said that it was normal and I had no cause for alarm. This Ducane unit is so bad I don’t even know what more to say.

pickhvac.com Zionsville, IN

After six years of owning this unit, I have had only two repairs, and I can frankly tell that it works efficiently just as it is supposed to do. Additionally, after doing the two repairs, I have experienced tremendous energy savings as my power and gas bills have gone down with clear margins. I would recommend any person to buy Armstrong and get the best value for your money. The key to having your gas furnace to last long enough is to have a good installer, most likely the contractor or a technician with enough experience on installation. The poor installation will make the system fail even after a few months, and then you will blame the manufacturer which is not fair at all.

pickhvac.com Saint Augustine, FL

About four years ago, I had a 91 % American Standard furnace installed in my newly constructed home. As of today, I had never had it serviced yet it works as well as it did when I first purchased it. These furnaces are also quite popular in my neighborhood. As yet, I haven’t heard anyone complaining. I can’t express the joy of having a quiet, dependable and efficient furnace enough.

pickhvac.com Phoenix, AZ

Our old Rheem furnace died after 21 years of service, and we decided to try a Goodman gas furnace. As far as heating is concerned, the furnace heats evenly keeping the house warm, and it does so without making any noise which is very convenient. This furnace had saved us about $100 on our gas bills as compared to when we used the Rheem. If our Goodman furnace lasts long enough, we won’t hesitate to buy and stick to this brand. We love it so far.

pickhvac.com Eugene, OR

Our Carrier heat pump system was so quiet. The only way we knew it was on was the cool air filling the room. Although the Carrier system is more costly than other systems, it makes up the cost with efficiency. Our electric bill came down drastically after replacing our dinosaur.

April of Evans, Georgia

Very very surprised on this system. I had this system installed form a neighborhood contractor I was very skeptical on this system do to I never heard of it. After going through everything with and all the other quotes I ended up having this installed. This system is very quite and helped my energy bills. I have had no issues with this furnace it was installed 1/15/2015. I dont write many reviews but waited 3 years on this review because I wanted to make sure I got something quality. But like my installing company said as long as it is installed correctly I wont have problems with it. Highly recommend it and their ac systems.

M. Halverson

Totally satisfied with new system Replaced old Bryant system that only lasted 15 years Hopefully, we will have better luck with this one.

Review by Judith

I have owned a Heil furnace for about twelve years. I purchased new together with my house when I moved in. So far it’s operating efficiently, and it’s very reliable. The only thing I have done on my furnace has changed the filters and no other major repairs. I also did a replacement of the converter at the AC unit compressor outside that is not necessarily part of my furnace. I had a technician inspect my furnace recently, and he confirmed that it is still running like a new one. It is as well very efficient, and my heating bill has dropped drastically I would recommend this brand to anyone to purchase one.

pickhvac.com Boston, MA

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