industrial heating and cooling systems

industrial heating and cooling systems
industrial heating and cooling systems

Are you looking for some industrial heating and cooling systems. The Appliance Helper techs can install brand new high efficiency air conditioner or service and repair existing air conditioning to keep you and your family cool.

If your summer plans include a new air conditioner, trust the Appliance Helper experts. Our trusted team of expert technicians are located near you and are ready to help local homeowners with all their air conditioning and home comfort needs. We will help you when you are looking for some industrial heating and cooling systems.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for some industrial heating and cooling systems
  • Choice - You can choose from big brand names or house brands that come with added value.
  • Flexibility - Accommodating payment plans that can limit the financial disruption of unexpected home repairs.
  • Peace of mind - Know that you're getting the best value for your investment. Our quality standards are second to none and our services set industry standards.
  • Partnership - We don't just work for you, we partner with you. All our technicians have longstanding relationships with customers across the country.
  • Transparency - If you need a repair or new air conditioner, our technicians can show you exactly why. We're committed to customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

We have extensive AC repair and installation experience. We excel at anything air conditioner. Call us today for help when you are looking for some industrial heating and cooling systems.

AC is an abbreviation for air conditioning. A qualified AC technician is a technician who installs, maintains, and repairs air conditioning, and refrigeration systems that control the temperature and air quality in buildings.

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Product Reviews:

3 ton 16 seer heat pump 15 kw heat pack and it's been awesome. All I can say is, treat the guys doing your install like family and they will do you a good job. I feed them supper and we watched a movie after. I live in Waco, TX. It gets very hot here. It was 113 last week with 60% humidity. We keep the air on 65 and it has no problem. It cycles on and off like normal. Our energy bill went from $340 to $360. Now it's $120 to $130.

Christian Texas

Replaced old 4ton unit with Amana AVXC20 5ton Air Conditioning, like the variable speed compressor and how quiet the unit is when its running.

Danny C Montgomery Texas

Complete system was delivered and installed in about 6 hours and does a good job of controlling our home climate. Can’t provide efficiently related to our energy cost because it was only installed to replace our old 24 year old worn out builders grade system this past weekend. Centreville, VA

i live upstairs in a old apartment, single pane windows..crooked doors with gaps.. i think it works good for what it is.. i own it for a year now..going on my second summer.. helpful hint... if you are gonna wait till the room is 80 plus degrees. then use this ac unit.. its not gonna cool the room.. i have mine sitting in my living room, 450 sq ft. i check the weather and set mine to come on early.. example.. its gonna be 85 or 100 today.. i set it to start running at 7am. i got to work, come home about 4pm.. the place is about 73 to 75 degrees.. i should note that when its 110 to 115 outside.. my inside temp is 77 to 78.. its better then nothing.. i cant have a window ac unit, apartment wont allow. i think it would be cooler if i didnt have gaps in my front door or windows..the unit basicly runs from 7am til 10pm everyday.. my electric bill isnt bad.. probably an extra 40 bucks tops. my freakin portable heater in the winters, uses up way more electricity.. the whynter isnt that loud, for a portable ac.. i had louder ones.. just remeber..get a head start... start this or any portable ac unit early while the room isnt hot yet.. something is better then nohing..and buy thia unit when its on sale..


I like Heil air conditioners because you don’t have to worry about anything if it is installed right. The one I have now runs so noiselessly and I like the fact that the utility bill stays low. Thank you Heil the ac is just what I thought it would be. Alpharetta, GA

I purchased a Daikin System, at first I was skeptical with being it's a brand I never heard of- The Installing ac company assured Daikin is the best and he backs the brand with a Peace if mind warranty – 12 yr warranty- 12 yr labor insurance not offered by other Brands -he even helped navigate to actual online websites and showed me the real reviews – showed me the savings and comfort the ac will bring into our lives – well it's been 7 months and the Daikin system is outstanding, it runs efficiently and very quiet – my electric Bill even dropped – my neighbor wants one now and he is going with the new fit – I highly recommend and they are made in the USA

Logan Gil

I purchased this AC after it was offered by a local contractor this summer. Works great, quiet, and low utility bill. Never heard of Daikin but I am glad I purchased the unit so far.


I bought my Carrier HVAC unit in 2003, now it is 2020. I am very pleased with Carrier's HVAC unit. Over the years it is required maintenance such as, replacing some parts usually costing around $750 to $1500. I weighed the maintenance costs with buying a new one for around $6000. But seems to be working good with the maintenance that I have done.

Daniel of Irvine, CA

Rheem is a good product, well made, and has a great track record. Parts are easy to get and it is easy to repair when needed even though that’s rarely. The life span of a Rheem is 20-25 years. If I had to purchase another heating and air unit it would be a Rheem.

Malissa of Knoxville, TN

I am happy with this purchase because after buying a few appliances that kept breaking down I sort of got used to poor quality. York, however, has changed my perception of these brands. If you take your time to do your research on what you want to buy then there is very little chance of being disappointed. Thanks to York my house is comfortable again. Washington, DC

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