washer installation near me

washer installation near me
washer installation near me

Are you looking for a washer installation near me. The Appliance Helper techs can install a brand new high efficiency washer or service and repair an existing washer to keep all your clothes clean.

Whether you are interested in a new washer, require washer service, or simply want to sign up for routine maintenance, whenever you need our support, we are ready to serve you. We will help you when you are looking for a washer installation near me.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for a washer installation near me.
  • On time for scheduled appointments
  • Thorough in our work and show craftsmanship every time
  • Well groomed and clean appearance
  • Honest
  • Respectful to you and your home
  • Competitively priced

Give us a chance and use our washer repair and installation services. Call us today for help when you are looking for a washer installation near me.

Washer Mechanics install, maintain, and repair washer systems. As an washer technician, you may find a specialty in one sector, but you are not limited. washer mechanics are licensed to work in residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as needed.

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Product Reviews:

It was everything I had expected. The dryer time is long but that was indicated on the reviews I had read.


28 Inch Front Load Washer with 4.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 13 Wash Cycles, 1250 RPM, Steam Cycle, Steam Assist, Time Saver Option, Sanitize Cycle, Energy Star in White. Overall this machine is top of the line. Purchasing a home appliance is like purchasing a vehicle. I took my time and reviewed and compared before purchasing. About 3 months. I had just purchased a home and so you want an appliance that is going to last. It has a 10 year warranty. It has 3 color options. It's cosmetically attractive. It also is elevated which is a smart choice for a basement machine in case you have issues with water in your basement.

Jennifer of Warren, MI

Excellent delivery ....and product too....worth every penny spent on, all side accessories in Gud condition with no damage or defects....highly satisfied with the seller and keep doing the GUD work


You can feel comfortable setting the temperature, spin cycle, etc. according to the booklet that comes with it and you have TONS of sensors that determine if anything unusual is being laundered. If so, the units automatically reset to take care of things. Both the washer & dryer open on top. These are manufactured in Sweden. While a little pricey, they last without any service calls for a very long time and are extremely reliable. The dryer filter is super easy to remove and clean, so it’s no trouble to clean after each load.

Sylvia of Charlotte, NC

Frigidaire front load about 18 years old. Still running great. Matching dryer is the same. This machine has been moved twice with no problem. It fits in the small space that I am having a problem finding a new one to fit. I would like a machine I could clean the drain easily.

Janet of Redding, CA

My LG washer dryer combo, stackable, is nothing short of fantastic. It uses a small amount of water to do a really good job of cleaning my clothing. Not only every day clothing, towels, sheets, blankets and jackets. The machine is extremely quiet and has many features that allow me to tailor the machine to what I am washing. I have never owned a front loading machine before and this one has served me extremely well for the last 15 months. I always leave the door open and I’ve never had any kind of an odor issue. I have read where some times washers will develop that even when the door is left open. That has not been a problem and I do not anticipate it will be a problem. I expect my LG is still going to be serving me well in another 10 years.

Bob of Staples, MN

I purchased this washer because I live in an apartment and was tired of hauling cloth diapers back and forth and spending a ton at the laundromat. After 3 months of heavy use, I still LOVE it. Sure, it's tiny. A full load is 3 pr of jeans, or 4 days worth of shirts, socks, & underwear. Or in my case, 2-3 days worth of cloth diapers. But it cleans effectively, has multiple cycle options, and hooks up to a standard bathroom faucet & sink drain. My only real complaint is that it drains automatically if you put the drain hose below the level of the water in it. So the first time I used it, before I put the rubber band around the fill hose to attach the drain hose, it slid out of my sink & flooded my bathroom. And again when my curious crawler got away from me and pulled the drain hose loose from the rubber band, it flooded my bathroom. You cannot drain it into the bathtub, only into a sink because of the height.


I just bought a Amana top loader washer a few weeks. So far it is doing a great job. Two years ago I spent over $2000.00 on a Maytag Bravos washer and dryer. After two years the washer started to sound like a jetliner taking off. I called Maytag and it would cost over $400.00 to repair. I did a lot of research on this and found that most the washer do this. I think Maytag should do a recall on them due to a default in the design of the washer. Until then I will stick with the Amana which is made by the same company. How funny.

Ronald of Modesto, CA

This washer exceeds my expectation. It does a great job washing. It took a little getting used to. My last washer was 20 years old and not very sophisticated! I was skeptical of the auto sensing water level, but after using it a month, it works really well. It is also very sturdy and stable (i.e. it doesn't dance during the spin cycle!).


Shipment was fast and product fit exactly in the hole in the kitchen we planned for. However, the only reason we can't give the product Excellent rating is that it was advertised to come with reversible door hardware which it did, BUT the designers did not make provisions for the handle to service the door being flipped upside down to the other side, AND now the DECO icon and the door handle are upside down on the bottom of the door. Now we have to open the fridge with fingers prying top of door from fridge edge. We had no other choice but to flip the door in order to get it to open completely and correctly between the dishwasher which is inset under count and the fridge on the other side with sticks out way past the counter. If you mount it so the door doesn't fully open, you can't slide the wine bottle racks in and out. But for the price, as long as the product last 5+ years it's great! Happy Holidays to All!


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