house water heater service

house water heater service
house water heater service

Are you looking for some house water heater service. The Appliance Helper techs can install a brand new high efficiency water heater or service and repair an existing water heater to heat up all your water needs.

The Appliance Helper technicians have years of water heater know how, they offer the best in water heater service. Our expert technicians have repaired and installed numerous water heaters for all types of homes and business's. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with top rated professional service. We will help you when you are looking for some house water heater service.

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  • Are you looking for some house water heater service.
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Give us a chance and use our water heater repair and installation services. Call us today for help when you are looking for some house water heater service.

Water Heater Mechanics install, maintain, and repair water heater systems. As an Water Heater technician, you may find a specialty in one sector, but you are not limited. Water Heater mechanics are licensed to work in residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as needed.

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Product Reviews:

I've had this sitting in the garage waiting for me to install it for 8 months now. Our current 50 gallon tank was only 3 years old so I wasn't in any hurry. I relocated where the heater was installed a few feet and tore down the old closet in the garage the tank was in so just for that reason going tankless is a good thing. Now I have a lot more garage space. I'm a plumber by trade but not really in the industry any longer so I had installed hundreds of tank type heaters in my life. We were always of the belief that these tankless instant type heaters were a joke. That might have been true several years ago but they've come a long way since. The install was a little tedious. If you aren't moving your location then it will be a lot easier. You will almost certainly need to upsize your gas piping though. Most tanks use 1/2" gas piping and you can't run 1/2" very far if you intend to get the 200K BTUs these units require. I only had a 10' run of 1/2" but I didn't want to take a chance so I upsized to 3/4". Other than just the labor involved the install is relatively straight forward, not much unlike a tank heater install. I could not get used to the idea of using PVC pipe for a vent but, after firing the unit for the first time I'm almost surprised it needs any vent. No heated air comes out of this thing, it's like it's 100% efficient. I fired my unit initially with only a 3 foot section of PVC stuck through the ceiling and I crawled into the attic just to gauge the temperature of the exhaust gas. Well, there was none. I assumed the unit wasn't heating but it was. 125 degree water right at the tap and virtually no hot gas exhausting out the vent. Quite impressive! And the thing is almost dead silent when it runs. Time will tell if it's as good as it started off but so far I have no regrets. The first shower I took with it last night after working all day on sure was nice, and plenty warm. I will miss my water circulation pump though, with our tank heater we were able to have instant hot water right at the faucet. The pump we have now is not usable with this tankless heater and I'm certain what options are available for that. Having to run water for a couple of minutes sort of seems like a waste to me, I guess water is cheaper than gas but still.

M. Gentry

I have been the last one in the shower the past 14 years. Needless to say my 50 gallon unit was just too small for me not to freeze. So when my old heater started seeping I started shopping. To my discovery HD and L**wes no longer carry simple 80 gallon heaters. The big box stores want to sell you a hybrid, so I was looking at a 80 gallon hybrid for 1800 bucks and a potential jackpot once the heat exchanger failed. Something made me look at Amazon and I found this beauty. Ordering was simple and the delivery date and time was selected. The truck pulled up at 0915 and the guys rolled it into my garage in its crate. This thing a monster, just about 6 feet tall and fatter than my old unit. My water connections come out of the wall, so be prepared to raise them up at least 12-18 inches. Other than that it was a simple install. I spent about 2 hours start to finish. Yes, you will need a work platform or ladder to reach the top for your connections. The initial heating took about 3 hours for the first shower but 12 hours to temperature stabilize. We also noticed that the flow rate seems to be faster as our farthest shower now seems to heat up faster. I don't know how this will effect my electric bill (I think it will be a wash), but its so nice not to have to schedule my shower for an empty house.


My experience in purchasing my water heater was an easy one. We just bought one and a day later the guys came and installed it. They told us a few things that we needed to know and they left. I have had it about 5 years. It definitely heats my water up very quickly and we never run out of hot water. I love hot showers so that's a plus. I like the sturdiness and style, and it definitely doesn't take up a lot of space. I also like the quality and the ease of putting in a changing elements and adjusting the temperature is easy too. It has always done its job and has never failed us. We are very very proud to own this brand. I like everything about it. It has all been a positive experience.

Karen of Washington, DC

My father purchased a Bosch tankless water heater about 18 months ago. He had a professional plumber install the tank to the specifications that the factory mandates. The unit never did work properly. After hours on the phone with tech support listening to every reason in the book why it wasn't "their" fault , and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on a plumber they still will not honor their warranty and replace the unit. The problem with the unit is that whenever you turn on the cold water to make the water warm instead of scalding, the heater shuts off completely leaving you with ice cold water. The factory techs tell us that there is not enough water coming into the unit. Ok easy fix right "just tell us how much water is required". O wait the "tech" isn't allowed to suggest anything like that. My father is so frustrated he wants to take the unit outside and shoot it with a rifle. If there is a class action we want in!!!!!! Bosch aquastar gwh1600 garbage

Jason West Virginia

I purchased this over a year ago but I just got around to installing it. I installed it in my basement. I put a 10" extension directly above it, a 45 degree elbow, and 11' of extensions to get it out beyond my deck. It seems to be running fine. I put a small slope on the extension to allow the condensation to run out instead of back into the unit. So I didn't put an condensation system on the side pipe. So far it's working great. It does take a little while to reach equilibrium but this isn't my first On-Demand hot water heater and this was expected. I keep it set at 120 F but I doubt that's what's coming out of the faucets. I'm not sure why that is but it's hot enough and the flow is pretty good so I'm not complaining. Now I'm just waiting for my first whole electric bill to see how much savings I'll get from getting rid of my electric hot water heater.

Good HWH

“I am happy I have made the decision to call the Gas Company after I read about the Tankless Water Heater. It is great, my garage looks much bigger and the installation of my new Tankless Water Heater looks clean and very nice. Thanks again – job well done.”

Barbara M., Tampa, FL

The defect is in the Gas Control and Thermal Coupling, per my licensed plumber. GE tells me my water heater is still under warranty; therefore, I would like an authorization code to have it replaced by Home Depot where it was originally purchased. Home Depot tells me I need GE to give me the authorization code. BTW, your CS rep was very helpful. She is sending both items to me, but I prefer to have a replacement for the cost my plumber will charge to install parts in a questionable product. Thank you.

LOIS of Sierra Madre, CA

The unit was Installed by builders perfectly. It was in the home when we arrived and the area was spotless with no complaints or issues - we were impressed and are happy. The water temperature is good and consistent. There is always enough time for normal evening use - no leaks experienced - the family is happy. It has been Reliable.

Marie of New York, NY

No matter what it is whether it's a GE hot water heater, an iPhone, a car or a frozen TV dinner, you're going to find someone that had a bad experience. After a day of rain eight years after I put in my Home Depot GE hot water heater, the pilot was out. I don't know if it was wet in there or what but it took me 10 hours of repeated attempts and while I was searching online for answers and deals on replacing it, I kept trying. And tonight at 10:30 PM I didn't bugger about, I just held down the pilot for one minute, and then once the pilot remained lit on its own, as fast as I could I turned the thermostat to medium high and kaboom it lit up wonderfully. Maybe it dried out but I would not say that GE water heaters are a piece of Home Depot junk. As I said earlier I installed mine eight years ago and it has never had a problem and since tonight it restarted and I checked the tap and now have hot water. I suspect it will be fine but if I need a new one, eight years hasn't been a bad run. Just follow the instructions very carefully and repeat and repeat and repeat. Good luck.

John of Any Town , CA

In 2012 we purchased a Whirlpool Nu40T61-403 water heater from Lowe’s that I installed due to us not being able to afford a plumber. I have since become a plumber. This morning while attempting to shower I noticed that the water was lukewarm with the shower valve turned all the way to hot. I got dressed and inspected the heater. I began to diagnose the problem. Pilot was out and Gas control valve signal light was off. Lit the pilot and it appeared to be functioning normally. My first thought was the thermopile had failed but seeing the pilot stayed lit this proved to not be the case. I was extremely relieved at that point. Turned the temperature control knob to high and the burner kicked on. At first it appeared to be functioning fine. But within about 20 seconds I began to hear detonations within the sealed combustion chamber.

Thomas of Antelope, CA

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