refrigerator installation near me

refrigerator installation near me
refrigerator installation near me

Are you looking for a refrigerator installation near me. When you need refrigerator service FAST, you can trust an Appliance Helper technician to arrive on time and provide you with professional, friendly, and quality service.

The Appliance Helper technicians have years of refrigerator know how, they offer the best in refrigerator service. Our expert technicians have repaired and installed numerous refrigerators for all types of homes and business's. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with top rated professional service. We will help you when you are looking for a refrigerator installation near me.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for a refrigerator installation near me.
  • Knowledgeable, insured and licensed Technicians
  • Fully Organized with best experts
  • Reliable and Honest team
  • and so much more...

We have extensive refrigerator repair and installation experience. We excel at anything refrigerator. Call us today for help when you are looking for a refrigerator installation near me.

A qualified refrigerator technician is a technician who installs, maintains, and repairs refrigerators.

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Product Reviews:

I’ve had this fridge for about two years now and I still love it. I had my cabinets professionally repainted and new countertops put in so the spot for the fridge was built in and therefore couldn’t fit a subzero without changing out the cabinetry. This fridge gave me a similar look for a fraction of the price and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Rachel H. Metuchen , NJ

We owned a Viking in our previous home, and we are familiar with appliances, so we wanted to have a Viking suite in our new kitchen. We were the happiest with the double oven in our previous place. We had a different model, and the convection ovens were great. So that was our starting appliance, and then we just said that we’ll go with Viking. We thought about Sub-Zero and Wolf but we decided to go with Viking again. We like the size and the look of the refrigerator. In terms performance, everything is fine for now. I’m happy with the way it’s performing. I like the feature that you can control temperature in different compartments in the refrigerator, and there’s ample space in the freezer. The whole suite is the reason that we wanted to incorporate the refrigerator as well. But I would go with a different dealer next time.

Svetlana of Bethesda, MD

Excellent delivery into home. Refrigerator style is sleek and quite spacious. Working fine but only been 2weeks. Very pleased w purchase at this point.

Carrie, Dublin, US

This Bloomberg refrigerator was purchased to replace a defective another full size brand name fridge. The Bloomberg fridge, despite its smaller serviceable area, does provide all the space we require as the shelving is better designed. The only minor issue is trying to figure out how to change the temperatures in the freezer section / main storage area.

Runner390 Parksville, BC Canada

This refrigerator came with the house my son bought. We had never heard of this brand of refrigerator. It is an excellent fridge! Keeps items really cold. In fact, we can put the cold setting too high or items inside the refrigerator will actually freeze! Not sure how old the fridge is. We have had it several years and it is as cold as the day we moved in to the house.

Connie of Ocala, FL

If you want to keep food fresh and prevent any cross-contamination of odors and flavors, get this Hestan refrigerator and you won't regret it.

Thertnote from Washington, DC

Surprisingly economy & quiet, very simple and budget, from a day one works without any problem, meanwhile its appearance is pretty conservative if not to say primitive without any modern features or else.

Izabella of New York, New York

I always read reviews and the comments that consumers leave online. Thus, I came back to leave a review and let you know that this refrigerator is one of the best product I have invested on. It still amazes how can one product have so many features that are capable of amusing me. Overall, this product works perfectly fine and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Whostravion70 from Worcester, MA

We have a side by side refrigerator/freezer and it has been with us about 4 years. It was a little taller than the old one and we had to trim the cabinets. I don't know why manufacturers cannot make an icemaker that is reliable though. Ours works but not as good as it should. Filters for the water system are not cheap to buy either. All in all it has been a good brand.

Brad of Fort Lupton, CO

This refrigerator cost me around $400 over 25 years ago and is still going strong. I've broken several pieces to it and it still is kicking. I can't get this fridge to quit! It's as cold as ever and keeps everything great.

Sharlet of Mentor, OH

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