furnace repair nearby

furnace repair nearby
furnace repair nearby

Are you looking for some furnace repair nearby. The Appliance Helper techs can install brand new high efficiency furnace or service and repair an existing furnace to keep you and your family warm.

The Appliance Helper technicians have years of furnace know how, they offer the best in furnace service. Our expert technicians have repaired and installed numerous furnaces for all types of homes and business's. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with top rated professional service. We will help you when you are looking for some furnace repair nearby.

Why use us?

  • Are you looking for some furnace repair nearby
  • Choice - You can choose from big brand names or house brands that come with added value.
  • Flexibility - Accommodating payment plans that can limit the financial disruption of unexpected home repairs.
  • Peace of mind - Know that you're getting the best value for your investment. Our quality standards are second to none and our services set industry standards.
  • Partnership - We don't just work for you, we partner with you. All our technicians have longstanding relationships with customers across the country.
  • Transparency - If you need a repair or new furnace, our technicians can show you exactly why. We're committed to customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

To learn more about our furnace repair services or to hire one of our furnace technicians, please contact the Appliance Helpers. Call us today for help when you are looking for some furnace repair nearby.

An furnace technician installs, maintains, and repairs furnace and heating systems.

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Product Reviews:

I have had a Daikin furnace for four years now. I’ve always taken care of the furnace by having it checked and maintained annually. I also replace the filters after every eight weeks. The furnace has never failed and is always reliable even at the worst weather. My current technician tells me that the installers did a good job. The noise level is barely noticeable. I would recommend the Daikins Furnace to everyone.

pickhvac.com Phoenix, AZ

I've been living in my apartment for almost five years now, so I know the ins and outs of this furnace, though it's hard to know how much the furnace is to blame or the duct-work and insulation. It keeps the house warm and the bills pretty low. That's pretty much my only concern in a furnace. If I had any complaints about it, then those are basically that it doesn't seem to have a fast pick up.

Buffalo, NY

McQuay International, also known as Daikin Applied in the United States, offers air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration units. McQuay International is headquartered in Hong Kong, with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. The company is owned by Daikin, a fortune 1000 company. Daikin reported revenue of approximately $18.4 billion USD in 2017.


The system has been very reliable with no problems. I installed a complete new Carrier system 6 yrs ago along with ductwork. My AC bill dropped by $50 dollars a month in the summertime with carrier. I also love the 10yr warranty that came with the system.

Eric of Houston, TX

I purchased my home in 2016 and it was built in 1977. This home is ~2,600 sq.ft. and has an unfinished basement. The HVAC system was very dated, and the furnace was likely the original. Using Legacy Heating and Air, Inc., a new full system install was done. The components used are all Daikin (aside from a water heater also replaced), and are the following: DM97MC1005CN (Furnace), DX17VSS421AA (A/C), CAPE4860C4 (Coil), DTST-CWBSA-NI-A (Thermostat). I could immediately feel the difference. There were rooms in the house that weren't getting much or any air adjustments because the old system was simply not a great fit for the house and inefficient. With the current system, I can now cool or heat the house evenly several degrees within minutes. The new thermostat is very slick, and easy to control. I haven't seen the new cost for energy consumption (not billed using new system yet), but from what I can tell is it's going to be a nice difference. Everything is incredibly quiet and I'm very pleased with this investment.

pvroberts Granger, IN

We had an 23 year old furnace, the pilot ran all the time, was only 67% efficient and cost hundreds to run every year. This new Napoleon Furnace work great it only turns on when it needs to, it's so efficient with two stage heat I have already seen huge saving on my heating bill.


My father and I both got the Whirlpool Gold gas furnace 3 seasons ago. I can't tell you how happy we both are! Our heating bills plummeted; the unit is quiet and does a fantastic job. I am 50 and I have to admit this is in the top 5 of the best purchases I ever made. For me to take the time to find a place to write a review 3 years later should be testament to how happy I am. Make sure you have it professionally installed! Don't skimp here…this is the key!

Gary New Jersey

By working smarter, not harder, American Standard furnaces are tailored to use just the right amount of energy for your home. Available in a wide array of options, the brand ensures that they have a potential furnace for almost every Canadian home, no matter the conditions or budget.


Have a 2 stage 95% efficiency condensing Tempstar furnace, installed by self and careful old contractor. Gas bills dropped 25 to 30%, temperature in house much more even and comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. Has ran fine for 5 years, regular maintenance of condensing drain system, trap and line is a must with these units, watch for leaks etc. Also have a high quality electrostatic intake filter, which I clean regular, as well as the fan compartment. People probably put the cheapest filter they can find in a $3000 furnace no doubt, but not smart. This sort of care takes a few minutes now and then but pays off handsomely in maintenance bills.


I have had a Carrier air conditioning system for over 25 years and had to make only one repair on a faulty relay which cost less than $ 150.00, I don`t need to say anything more but this unit has always proved to be reliable year after year after year....

Alan of Bushkill, PA

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