Miele Refrigerator Error Codes
Miele Refrigerator Error Codes

Miele Refrigerator Error Codes

If you're looking for help fixing your Miele Refrigerator, look no further! Our comprehensive Miele Refrigerator error code guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and show you how to read your model's error codes.

CODE: F0  
PROBLEM: Fault-in sensor fresh air ''BioFresh'' 

CODE: F1  
PROBLEM: The sensor of the refrigerating chamber 

CODE: F2  
PROBLEM: Faulty evaporator sensor 

CODE: F3  
PROBLEM: Faulty air sensor freezer comparment 

CODE: F4  
PROBLEM: Indicates a failure in the sensor evaporator 

CODE: F5  
PROBLEM: Card malfunction microprocessor control 

CODE: 01,_F,21  
PROBLEM: Ice fault 

CODE: Normal noises: Brrrrr ...  
PROBLEM: A humming noise is made by the motor (compressor). This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor switches on. 

CODE: Normal noises: Blubb, blubb ...  
PROBLEM: A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes. 

CODE: Normal noises: Click ...  
PROBLEM: Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the motor on and off. 

CODE: Normal noises: Sssrrrrr ...  
PROBLEM: On multi-zone and frost-free appliances you can sometimes just hear the movement of the fan inside the appliance. On appliances with a water tank a buzzing sound can be heard when water is being pumped out of the water tank. 

CODE: Normal noises: Crack ...  
PROBLEM: A cracking sound can be heard when materials expand inside the appliance.

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Miele Refrigerator Error Codes

Miele Refrigerator fault codes

Miele Refrigerator diagnostic codes

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