Miele Microwave Repairs
Miele Microwave Repairs

Miele Microwave Repairs

If you're looking for help fixing your Miele Microwave, look no further! Our comprehensive Miele Microwave repair guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and maybe show you how to repair your appliance.

For the home, kitchen and beyond, Miele manufactures appliances that homeowners have come to trust. Even a trustworthy appliance requires occasional maintenance or repair, however. If you’re in need of Miele appliance repair from experienced professionals, your local Appliance Helper can help.

The display is blank 
Cause 1: 
The time of day display has been deactivated. 
Remedy 1: 
Activate the time display in accordance with the operating instructions. 
Cause 2: 
Night-time mode has been activated. 
Remedy 2: 
Deactivate the night-time mode in accordance with the operating instructions. 

The following error message appears in the display: 'door' 
The 'Door' message appears when the 'Start' button is pressed if the door was not previously opened. The machine checks whether the door was opened in the 20 minutes prior to the 'Start' button being pressed. If this is not the case, microwave output is prevented as there may be no load (food) in the unit. 
Operating a microwave oven without a load may result in damage to the appliance. 
To start a programme, the door must first be opened briefly. 

The microwave oven works, but not the oven lighting 
The lamp is defective. 
The lamp must be replaced. Please contact Miele Service. 

Turntable motion is jerky 
The rollers below the turntable may be soiled. 
Clean the rollers. 

A noise can be heard after a cooking process 
The cooling fan will continue to run for a while after the oven has been switched off to prevent any humidity building up in the oven, on the control panel or in the oven housing unit. 
The fan switches off automatically after a certain period of time. Opening the applaince door will also stop the fan from running. 

Appliance switches on again after cooking and 'H:H' appears in display 
At the end of the programme, the microwave oven switches to a food-warming setting if the food is not removed immediately. This continues for a maximum of 15 minutes to keep the food warm. This is not a fault. 
No remedy necessary. 

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