Rheem Water Heater Repairs
Rheem Water Heater Repairs

Rheem Water Heater Repairs

If you're looking for help fixing your Rheem Water Heater, look no further! Our comprehensive Rheem Water Heater repair guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and maybe show you how to repair your appliance.

Rheem manufactures appliances that homeowners have come to trust. Even a trustworthy appliance requires occasional maintenance or repair, however. If you’re in need of Rheem appliance repair from experienced professionals, your local Appliance Helper can help.

Not enough or no hot water from the heater 
1. Check your household’s water usage. If the usage exceeds the water heater’s capacity, wait for the water heater to fully recover. 
2. Check the water heater’s power supply. Check for blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker. Ensure the disconnect switch, if used, is in the on position. 
3. If it is gas heater, check that the water heater is receiving fuel by ensuring that any cutoff valves in the gas line are turned to the on position. Have other gas water heater problems looked into and serviced by a qualified technician. 
4. Check the water heater thermostat for proper setting, and readjust the setting if needed. 
5. Ensure that all faucets are closed and are not leaking. 

Why is my Rheem water heater not heating? 
1. Your electric supply may be off and there is no power going to your water heater. You need to make sure electric supply to water heater and disconnect switch, if used, are in the ON position. 
2. Electric service to your home may be interrupted. Confirm whether your home and nearby homes have power. Contact the local electric utility if there is power interruption in your home. 
3. A fuse may be blown or a circuit breaker tripped. Check for blown fuses and tripped circuit breaker. Replace fuse if blown or reset circuit breaker to fix the problem. 
4. The temperature limiting control (ECO) could have broken the power circuit to the heating element after sensing excessively high water temperatures. To fix the problem, you must manually reset the ECO. 
5. The thermostat may be set too low. You can regulate the temperature of the water in the water heater by setting the temperature dial of the adjustable surface mounted thermostat located behind the jacket access panel. 
6. Leaking or open hot water faucets. Make sure all faucets are closed. 
7. During winter months, the cold water inlet temperature may be colder. This is normal. The cold water inlet takes longer to heat. 
8. If the issue doesn’t resolve after checking the above issues, there could be a problem with your wiring. Make sure power supply voltage agrees with your water heater rating plate. The branch circuit wire and fusing or circuit breaker should be of proper size. Also, make sure that the electrical connections are tight and the unit is properly grounded. Refer to installation instructions that came with your unit. 

Pilot light won’t  light or stay lit 
If the pilot light on your Rheem water heater won’t light or stay lit, it could be because of a blocked gas line. Other possible causes for this problem are a faulty thermocouple, malfunctioned gas valve, or something as minor as draft coming from a crack in the wall or under the door. 
1. Open the valve on the gas line by turning the handle until it is parallel to the gas pipe. Turn the gas control knob to the “Pilot” position and push it in. Can you hear a faint hissing sound? If not, there may be a blockage on the pilot supply tube, or the heater gas tube may be faulty. 
2. Turn off the gas, disconnect the pilot supply tube using a small wrench and clean it out with compressed air. If the problem persists, you may need to clean or replace the gas valve. 
3. Light the pilot if you hear a hissing sound when you depress the gas control valve. If the flame starts but goes out shortly, check for drafts. Inspect the vent if you can’t find the source of draft in the room. It should extend 18-24 inches above the roof line and be free from obstructions. Even a small breeze will blow the pilot if the vent is too short. 
4. If the flame stays lit while holding down the button but goes out when you release it, adjust the thermocouple. This is the small device, shaped like a bulb, located near the pilot aperture. Check to make sure the thermocouple isn’t loose and fell slightly out of position. 
5. Replace the thermocouple if adjusting it doesn’t fix the problem. Turn off the gas, then disconnect the thermocouple, pilot tube, burner gas supply and pilot igniter from the gas valve and remove the sealed access door. Install a new sealed access door after replacing the thermocouple to prevent carbon monoxide getting into your home. 
6. If the above steps don’t fix the problem, contact your gas or propane supplier to inspect your service lines. The gas could be contaminated by water or oil that is restricting the gas flow. 

Rheem water heater overheating 
1. Check the thermostat and adjust lower if necessary. Sometimes the dial is tweaked too high accidentally. 
2. In time, mineral settle around the heating element. When these heating elements get coated with sediment, they have to work harder to heat the water. This may lead to the elements overheating, which is why your water heater is suddenly hot. Check the heating elements for mineral scale build up. Remove and clean the heating elements if necessary. 
3. The pressure relief valve allows buildup steam to escape from inside the water heater. If this valve is blocked, your hot water will come out hotter than normal. If you can hear water boiling inside your water tank, you need to shut down the power to your heater immediately as this could cause an explosion. Call a qualified plumber to have it checked out after shutting off your water heater. 
4. If your water heater is still overheating even after adjusting the thermostat accordingly, the thermostat could be faulty. You need to replace the thermostat. 
5. If adjusting the dial on your gas water heater doesn’t fix the problem, replace the valve assembly.

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